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Friday, January 22, 2016

Oregon: Heating up


  1. For those who want the Cliff Notes here -
    Fed.Gov has abandoned all pretense of Constitutionally Limited Authority, and is presently operating in clear violation of Amendments I, IV, V, VI, and VIII, with regard to the Hammonds and/or the group presently occupying the Malheur offices.

    Taken by itself, this scenario presents an egregious violation of the majority of our most clearly held principles and beliefs about how government should, and more specifically **SHOULD NOT OPERATE**.

    Taken in context with the countless other violations of said same principles presently and recently violated by the Federal Authority, a purpose is discerned - to render our republic and it's Constitution to be without validity or force - thereby rendering of our nation an oligarchic tyranny without bounds or restraint, neither in its constitution nor in it's behavior.

    In short, the Federal Government has gone so far as to willfully place itself wholly and inexorably beyond the pale, and we must respond accordingly.

  2. Too many are looking at this occupation as a single, niche issue of land management.

    What is being exposed is the corruption from the top down of the state.

    The state is NOT the solution, it is the problem.

    Everyone needs to look at the bigger picture and quit focusing where the state run media and it's useful idiots want you to.


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