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Monday, February 15, 2016

Burns #7: Pay attention, Patriots...



  1. How is it that you, me and Gary were able to formulate, coordinate and execute a plan in 48 hours, when it seemes the rest of the Patriot world trip over themselves deciding where to eat dinner? Unbelievable.

    Sounds like some are more interested in making a name for themselves rather than supporting Liberty.

  2. Tonedeaf, speaking only for myself, I would not say we were otherwise engaged as you dismissively suggest. Rather, it is that the lack of real time dissemination of information and confusion gotten by conflicting reports (as evidenced in the link) and other stuff which kept the people from coming. It should not pass without notice that you include yourself in 'getting things done' thereby elevating your stature in comparison to all the insinuated 'keyboard patriots'. Lemmee see if I can be more clear, more succinct; the cause for liberty is just but it will not, cannot, bare the name of those who seek to idealize the cause as to put their brand upon it. How dare you. As I commented to Gary in the link, I will not subject my liberty to be co-opted by what I gather to be usurpers such as yourself. Call me what you will, IDC, but know this; I stand.

    1. Anon,

      My above comments were not intended for you or other "independent" Patriots. They were primarily directed at the groups in Mr. Hunts article and to a lesser degree, the III "Establishment" who themselves are guilty of not doing a damn thing to support the action at Malheur.
      My intention is to shed light on the fact that when these large groups get involved, egos and chaos reign. PPN was to be in charge of any and all groups that showed up? How does that work? Was that the reason that smaller groups and individuals did not appear?
      You mention that the lack of "real time dissemination of information and confusion by conflicting reports" was a factor which kept people from showing up. I fully agree. But that is the nature of the Beast. Individuals bring different perspectives to the table. How do we fix that? I can't say. I will say that allowing all information to flow through only one source both in and out is not the way as discussed in the recent Podcast by Culper. To allow a monopoly of information to be disseminated by so called "experts" will only make the problem worse.
      So let me reiterate once again Anon, my above comments were NOT directed at you or other individuals but at these large Organizations that feel because they are from the AO that they will run the whole operation without buy in from other, smaller groups or individuals. Look at Bundy Ranch and the OK hissy fit when they were not put in charge of the operation.

      My comments were in no way a "look at me, look at me" moment. They were to highlight the fact that three individuals in three different states all worked together to accomplish something in a short time with no issues, even if it was just a grocery delivery.

  3. It is interesting that you allow my comment to ToneDeaf (which was made after the comment I made about your squabble with Gary Hunt). As I don't know any of you I will simply reiterate that no one gets to put their brand on my stand for liberty. So much for 'leaderless militia', hey. Actually, less than one year ago I was ready to donate monies to your cause. I hesitated as I duly researched you as I would any charity. Since then I have come to see that you seek to co-opt the just cause for liberty. Go ahead and allow this to post to your blog if you dare. I'll know one way or the other. So too will my brothers in arms. You think you are the only ones? You think you are large enough to command battalions? Your isn't my fight, I leave that to you girls. But for the cause of liberty we arise of the darkness. Its not a competition its brothers in arms. None should be looking to put their brand upon the cause as to bring favor to themselves.

    You may win allies or adversaries depending upon your actions. I truly wish to align with you. But I will not, can not, align if it means to give allegiance to a man. As a testament of your desire, you post the entirety of my comment herein.

    1. Anon: Not sure to what comment you refer - the queue is empty.

      Not sure what 'squabble' you think we've had with Gary - none exist to my knowledge.

      As for 'allegiance to a man' - we do not do that here.

    2. Anon,

      I can not speak for Kerodin but I welcome any intelligent and dedicated Patriot here.
      My allegiance is too my Family, my Community, my Country, the USC and to Jesus Christ.
      Kerodin and others here are Friends and Allies that are on the same path as I. I hope you join us as a Friend and Ally, committed to the restoration of the USC and Rightful Liberty.

    3. Anon,
      What was proposed by Operation Mutual Defense (http://www.operationmutualdefense.org/), which is not an organization, rather a network, is explained in http://www.operationmutualdefense.org/organizational_plan_for_militia_response.htm . It provides protection from usurpation by larger organizations, and allows for cooperation in effort.
      As was discussed during the Bundy Affair, units that did not want to come under the OMD banner would liaison with the other units, working independently, though together.

  4. Here are some other obsessions. Did Lavoy pack a 9mm? Has that question been answered by any real authority?

    Did anyone see the 25 min video of Lavoy's life in photographs supposedly shown at his funeral?

    At 26 seconds in, a strange piece of wall art appears. Do cowboys hang horseshoes upside down? Maybe. Can anyone explain this wall art that disolves out at 34 seconds? Pause on this artwork, tilt your head and what do you see spelled out? Not in perfect letters but it's there. Who made this video and who can explain this odd piece of art. Try to find this artwork or the wall in all of the other photographs.

    Try to find anything by searching Finicum ranch or brand or anything related and all you get is Burns/ rufuge.

    But wait, there is an arrest of a 40 yr old man by the name of Finicum on November 14, 2015 on the Utah / AZ border. Felon in possession of throwing knives.

    Just some more oddities related to the standoff that appears to have been loosely planned on or about November the 19th.

  5. It's not unusual to see horseshoes displayed in western homes, especially of the rural variety. They usually are displayed/hung with the open end up because it's thought the "luck runs out" if you display them with the open end down. In the display, whatever they were trying to represent, they must have thought it had more significance that the normal folk lore.

    I first thought it might denote a brand also, perhaps an M-bar-A, or a lazy E-bar-A? Horseshoes and railroad ties, could be a lot of significance in those two items. It could be an ancestors brand. We keep the brand that was used when an ancestor came from homesteading in Nebraska to homesteading in Wyoming.

    That was a lovely memorial video. Watching it I could have put the faces of many people I know in the same photos. That is the west I grew up in. Anyone who grew up in the rural west knows that there are many, many more men just like LaVoy Finicum. Men who will stand for what they believe is right and who will stand for what they believe in.

    RIP LaVoy Finicum.


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