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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Cliven Bundy headed to Oregon...


This is how Civil Wars go hot...

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  1. If this is to end in fire,
    then we should all burn together,
    watch the flames climb higher,
    into the night.
    Calling out, Father Oh!
    stand by and we will
    watch the flames burn Auburn
    on the mountain side.

    And if we should die tonight,
    then we should all die together,
    raise a glass of wine,
    for one last time.
    calling out Father, oh!
    prepare as we will,
    watch the flames burn
    Auburn on the mountainside.

    Desolation comes upon the skies
    and I see fire
    inside the mountain
    I see fire
    burning the trees
    I see fire
    Hallowing souls
    I see fire
    Blood in the breeze
    and I hope that you'll
    remember me...


    Curra'hee, brothers,
    it is upon us.


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