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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

DoJ Pivots Toward You and Me...

We've posted a story or three about this topic in recent weeks.  Now Reuters chimes in as well.  

(Personal note: I have dealt with Reuters personally on several occasions, beginning during my head-butting with the brand new DHS more than a decade ago - Reuters has less Intellectual Honesty than even the WN racist F*cks posing as III)

In the aftermath of Sandy Hook, when so many people were running around predicting a new AWB that would make Clinton's treason look like AA ball, and that door-to-door raiding parties were imminent, we offered the assessment that no such moves would be made on the Federal level, for many reasons.  We predicted a renewed gun control push in Blue States - and that happened.  We predicted and warned of a serious, well-financed bureaucratic push to dramatically broaden the 'Prohibited Persons' lists, especially using mental illness as a premise.  That happened, big time.  That continues even now.

What you are witnessing now with DoJ and other Marxist assets is the next phase of tangible action against their ideological enemies.  The last 150-plus years of moving the country Left and laying the ground to ostracize supporters of Natural and Constitutional Rights has now reached a point, at least in the minds of most politicians, bureaucrats and their voting blocks, that large-scale physical action will be tolerated by most and cheered by a significant percentage in America.

They intend to metaphorically (and in some cases literally) begin filling the boxcars.

They are prepping for Hunting Season on you right now.  They will escalate their Direct Action significantly before the winners of the next election are sworn into office.

There are people in elected office right now who want their names attached to the purge of 'Right Wing Extremists'.

Normalcy Bias may stand between you and them.  In that case, you will lose - brilliantly.

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  1. MONEY QUOTE - There are people in elected office right now who want their names attached to the purge of 'Right Wing Extremists'.

    Exactly. And they believe they have reduced the risk (to themselves) of taking such action to the point that they can now be certain of success. The main risk which concerns them is that there will be mass armed resistance by citizens which will touch them personally. They don't care if their paid enforcers spill a bit of blood along the way. In fact, such bloody events are a feature of their plan, and a necessity to 'sealing the deal' - Count on that.

    Therefore, every man who values the liberty he enjoys, and who has any hope or expectation of passing that liberty along to his children, is obliged to engage in regular action towards the protection of liberty.

    Such regular action need not be violent, at this time, but it must be purposeful, effective, and repeatable.

    ===> Every day in which you do nothing,

    So, what are some things which folks are doing, and how do they stack up?

    Make a list - sure, its purposeful and repeatable, but until you begin to act upon said list, it is not effective.

    Prepping - i.e. stocking up on ammo, first aid supplies, food, etc. - definitely purposeful, and effective, but not repeatable.

    Go and take a class on land-nav, SUT, etc. - definitely purposeful and repeatable, and if you are encouraging others to do the same then it is also repeatable.

    Host a meeting in your community. Bring a handful of men you know together, and discuss the why, what, and how of your local liberty issues. Close each such meeting with a commitment to do two things: 1) to make such meetings a regular activity, and 2) each man commits to bring the conversation to at least one new person per month. TRIFECTA!!! The repatablility factor here is as good as it gets. Such meetings and their ability to extend the conversation can serve as a force multiplier to all your other activities.

    What about OPSEC, you ask? So don't tell everyone about your secret-squirrel bat-cave. Keep it above board and "safe" by discusing your local **ISSUES**, instead of letting it devolve into a pissing match of who has what toys, or who is doing what. "Leaderless" means that we follow through on our commitment to work with everyone who also supports liberty in our community, in whatever arrangement of people best serves the effectiveness and expediency of the task(s) at hand.

    It means not being a 'Liberty Snob', i.e. satisfying your need to piss in everyone elses' cornflakes over ideological minutia, or your favorite debate re: AR or AK? 9MM or .40S&W?, yadda, yadda.

    And yes, it does mean taking some risk that you might be "outted" as a 'right wing extremist leader'. FWIW, there are a good number of us taking far larger risks in that department, and we're still walking about free, right? So go out among your community, and do the work - bring people together and start lots of converastions. The results will take care of themselves...

    Leaderless resistance doesn't mean every man is an effin 'lone wolf' who operates in a vacuum. It means that we each have our own initiative and our own resources, and that no one is 'waiting for orders' from anyone else.

    Purposeful. Effective. Repeatable.

    These are the keys to success. Measure all of your activities by these three metrics, and you can't go too far wrong.

    Prepping isn't repeatable even though it's necessary (it's everyone's personal responsibility) But, offering a class on food storage, or first aid, or some other aspect of preparedness *IS* repeatable. You see the difference, right?


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