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Friday, February 5, 2016

Extremists: So - how many of these symbols do YOU fly?

Personally, I'm in for four - and several others not even listed here.

We have been IFF'd as 'Extremists' by Enemies of Liberty and bureaucratic Useful Idiots.

My weekend just got better...

...it's always better to know who wants you dead than to be surprised at the last moment.

Here's the PDF.  Thanks TD.


  1. We fly the American flag with the Gadsden below.

    Not trendy, I know. But trendy I do not wish to be. ;-)

  2. You know Allen....the community happens to be VERY trendy, look at how fashionable many of them are sporting their pillow cases...kinda reminds me of the Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin special, of course without Snoopy lighting the crosses on fire and no red headed hoe.

  3. Utah huh. Well, there might be contingent of LDS that might be remembering their history and the skirmishes with the Feds from the 1800's and I could see where that might make Utah LEO nervous.

    As for the flags, give me a thirteen star flag, a reminder from whence we came. Flown under an Idaho state flag.

  4. I live in Utah and, for the most part, people are so docile and feeble. For the most part...


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