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Monday, February 8, 2016

Gary Hunt: Burns 5


If you are not studying these events - Malheur, Bunkerville, BarryGate, Ferguson, Freddie Gray, Bugs Barry, DipShit Dodge, Camel Toe, the full retard acceptance of racism at most III blogs, et cetera, you are not seriously prepping the ground for the survival of you, yours, or Liberty.

The fight for Liberty is happening now, and these examples are merely skirmishes.  When it gets real it will be on every single street of every single neighborhood in America - rural and suburban and city alike.

Extirpate the Traitors, then move on to ideological enemies.

Study now.  Prep now.  The final grading curve will be existential.


  1. http://www.returnofkings.com/79972/roosh-destroys-media-at-washington-dc-press-conference

    Where is the 3% destroying the media re: Lavoy and the rest of the Freedom Men?

    Where is your press conference?

    Pile on to this bandwagon. Every single issue that threatens freedom must be countered in the same fashion that Roosh demonstrated.

    1. Where are you, Sport? You look to us as if we are Leaders - in a Leaderless resistance. Speak the FUCK UP FOR YOURSELF.

  2. Traitors make excellent pigslop; and the ideologically corrupt excellent fertilizer for the rushes along many a rural road.

    They have already proven, time and again, that the ground has no objection to opening up and receiving the bodies of those who face mass execution.

    But sadly, the communists have not yet experienced being on the receiving end of such tender mercies... and turn-about is indeed fair play. Therefore we are obliged, this time about, to ensure that they receive the whole experience to which they have disposed so many millions; right down to the unmarked pits which are their ultimate destination.

    Yeah, I just said that, and I mean it, too -

    Every muslim, communist, and other variety of traitor in our midst; straight into the open pits, without question or hesitation.

    They will do no less to you and yours,
    shoul we loose...


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