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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

PJB on Trump

Trump is winning because, on immigration, amnesty, securing our border and staying out of any new crusades for democracy, he has tapped into the most powerful currents in politics: economic populism and “America First” nationalism.



  1. Dammmnnnnn the skin heads love them some Arctic Patriot.

    December 29, 2012 at 11:45 am

    I do not believe in freedom anymore. My time in the SP community has show what a waste that is. The old values of america are dead and it would be well not to speak of them anymore. I think of WN as a few seizing control for a larger group that right now can do nothing but obey. The masses cannot rule themselves anymore and must be commanded.

    The SP community, Mr HBP, is the survivalists and patriots. If interested, I suggest Mosby’s site, arctic patriot, american mercenary, or battlefield usa.


  2. Nothing bears the fruit of world war, quite like the bloom of "economic populism". And for those behind on their history reading, here's the crib notes:

    Economic Populism = National Socialism
    It both feeds into and feeds off of the
    "Ours First, and F€£k the rest" mentality which is being soft-shoed in as simple "Nationalism" since the 2012 erection was stuck right to us. Anyone who can't see where all this leads at this point, probably couldn't extract their head from their ass with both hands and a crowbar. And it certainly explains why the WNs and retroHitlerian youth brigades have been partying up a friendzy for the last 5 years - they see the reality that they may well soon get their chance in the saddle of Leviathan. Yeah. Let that sink in for a moment.

    It goes right along with the misbegotten claim that Nazi'ism is a "far right" political ideology... when its just as socialist as anything Stalin or Mao imposed, just with a different intended order for the world of client-states.
    And please stop parrotting "crony capitalist", like the stuffed shits on the teevee, because that is EXACTLY what national socialism is - they're just hoping you haven't figured it out yet...

  3. At the risk of repeating myself -

    And it certainly explains why the WNs and retroHitlerian youth brigades have been partying up a friendzy for the last 5 years - they see the reality that they may well soon get their chance in the saddle of Leviathan.

    Do. You. Get. It. YET???

    The WNs don't care about the Declaration and Constitution... they believe, along with their communista bretheren, that "the Constitution has already been tried, and failed", so why bother with it, when what we need is
    Something that will make us great again.

    What on God's great earth do you think Trump is plugging into?? Of course he's not coming right out and saying it straight, but how many ways has he said "voter demographics are changing", or "things are changing as new people come here to improve their lives"???
    Damnation! it's a back-handed warning to every 'Just Us' barely-middle-class whitebread family man out there that, if they don't vote for him, they'll be passing on their last chance to ***EVER*** seize power and restore their 1770's mindset of who America is, and ought ever to be.

    Trump's not dumb. On the contrary, he's the ultimate pitchman. This is some first class dog-whistling he's doing, to the 'white working middle class' who swarm to him.

    But Trump will bring us down in flames, just as fast as Bernie and his cohort of pimple picking community-college debt serfs ever could... and probably even faster.

    Trump, should be doing his schtick in beerhalls...
    It would be very 1920s populist of him. And he could bring brown shirts and ties back into vogue, as well. Ja! Herr Schtickler? Dies ist unsere beste Besprechungstisch. Fur Sie Stammtisch, meine Herr, totalisch. Alles clar, Ja? Alles gut, danke. Danke. KA-Ching...

    WW-III comes quickly, friends. Let me brief you in -
    Saudi Arabia has nukes. They funded their development in Pakistan. Open secret, tested in the south seas in 2001/2002, while you were freaking over 9/11.
    Israel has nukes, big and small...even *very* small - they designed some of the nastiest shit ever contrived at Dimona.
    Iran has enough fissionable material for between 5 and 12 weapons, each about on par with what we dropped on Hiroshima.
    Russia has made a Strategic Commitment to maintaining relations with Syria. It's all about the oil and natural gas, just like it is for the Saudi's, Iranian's, Turks, et.al.
    The Saudis are collapsing the US Shale market, and sqeezing the Russians, all in one play, trying to force their handle on the $USD$-Oil peg, because if the PetroDollar fails, then their shit is done. Period.
    Israel is trying their damnedest to look the other way beacuse they prefer an enemy they know, to an entirely new game that they may not even get a seat at the table for.
    Russia - oil production is flat, but it's population is growing. The oil has to come from somewhere, and they have to finance it somehow.

    China - Always frigging mystery meat, but they appear to want to own the US and Africa, both... and they very clearly understand that increasing their posture as a Naval Power, along with making their currency indispensable is the key to winning...and they play a long game, so understand that they're already working on how they're going to beat India. The US is already in the bag three different ways, and Russia probably is twice already. HMkay?

    So, ringside seats for the greatest Cirq De Solei ever, as at least ten nuclear powers contend for the Pole Position in the real, honest to goodness War to end all Wars...forever.

    And we'll either have Trump or Hillbilly in the White Hut on the day when it all goes live, baby.

    Can you smell the barbequeue yet? Because I been down wind for a while now...


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