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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Politics Matter...

There is a small, vocal minority within the Liberty Movement who like to snidely dismiss the relevance of national, and even state/local politics.  'It doesn't matter' they say.  'It's all rigged' they say.

While they are free to dismiss reality, they are not immune to the effects of dismissing reality.  Some smart woman said something like that once.

Who is on the bridge of the Titanic when it is in the North Sea matters.  Who is deciding what happens next, when the ship is taking water, matters.

Local politics is most important.  Get a good Sheriff.  We have one here, and his burden will be legendary once things go fully sideways.  His Deputies will carry a load for the local citizenry that will be recorded in History books.  The elected Sheriff is the average Americans first and most important line of defense when things get ugly.

Next you need the best possible people in your town and county politics.  You need people who do not do the job for the salary or the Ego - they need to be genuinely committed to bettering the lives of you and your neighbors.  When the world goes sideways and the supply trucks for the local grocery store stop rolling, you'd better have a solid core of decent neighbors sitting in positions of elected office.

Upstream you have your legislative houses at the state level.  Make sure your local rep goes to your state capitol with the proper mindset.

The Governor matters - he can mobilize your Guard.  He can call up your militia.  He can defend your borders against the next state over or even the Feds when they come for your pantry and farms and ranches.

Feds?  It matters who is sitting in the Oval, if only to decide when and where we put serious firepower downrange on Bad People who want your stuff.  Obviously, this guy can do more damage than good, so choose wisely.

But if YOU do not help choose, then you leave these decisions to your Lib/Marxist neighbors who '...like what Bernie is saying...' or '...Hillary is ok...'.

If you think you can defend you and yours without your neighbors (even from some of your neighbors) alone - you are dead wrong.

Build those relationships now.  Build your preps.  Build off-site prep caches.  Have a hidey-hole for when things get really, really ugly.

Things will get really, really ugly, folks.  If you can't glance at current course and speed and understand that the location of our national crash site has already been determined by forces that cannot be altered - I can't help you.

In modern America if you can't understand that when a pound of butter that costs north of $3.50 it is a symptom of a crashing society, you are lost.

Here's a solid piece by PJB.

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  1. I keep seeing posts telling us to get a good sheriff and that the Sheriff is the constitutional official because he's elected. My City Police Chief is also elected. He just happens to work for the City instead of the Parish/County.
    I don't put much faith in the importance of electing either my local Sheriff or Police Chief. As we have seen in Oregon, if a Pro-Constitutional Sheriff stands up for the Patriots in his communities that Sheriff may be investigated as a security threat and even have the agency which issues his LEO certification yank his credentials. Basically forcing your Constitutional Sheriff out of office and replacing him/her with someone who will bend to the will of the Tyrants.
    Few public officials will willingly put themselves into a position of loosing their positions as head law enforcement officer of a County and if they get removed from their post and have their credentials revoked by the State then what good do they do us?
    I see this and believe that the time to work within the system and lean on our Sheriffs (or elected Police Chiefs) is long over and done.


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