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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Rats in a Cage...

Bill Nye sent over this piece, which is worth your time to read.  It helps illustrate not only the mindset of those who seek to do the most harm, but also the mindsets of those who are, truly, rats in a cage.

You nor I will ever change Human Nature.  We can not change the simple reality that we remain hard-wired as Upper Paleolithic Hunter-Gatherers.  At least, not in our lifetimes.  However, we can diminish the impact of the worst malpractors.  If that is our Legacy, a simple nudge in the course of Human evolution that helps Man to surpass himself, is that not a noble contribution to our posterity?

I know not your path.

I do know mine.


  1. I wish we could colonize space. It seems, though, that the overpopulation in the hives will cause catastrophe before that could ever happen. I will continue my R&D on automated sentries, as I predict the collapse of hives will cause an explosive outward thrust of malcontents, eager to pillage and destroy whatever they contact in flyover country. I am reminded of the tunnel scene from Aliens, though. I hope I have enough ammunition and enough sentries when the time comes. Humans have to sleep, machines do not :)

  2. Friends don't poison each others water...
    Competitors do. Or those working together, to halt a greater hazard. And if you think such things are beyond decent conception, think again. Survival has only one rule - survive.

    Read "White Plague", and understand how close we are to truly sideways...


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