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Monday, February 8, 2016


Paying attention?



  1. Embers are everywhere aflying, and the coming conflagration will seem to rise everywhere at once.

    This is by design, so as to prevent any salient means of exit, when the last veil is burned away, and the plain purpose of all that we have been inured to stands on full display, mocking us all.


    1. Very interesting story Alan.
      I bet they had never had an encounter with a non LEO brandishing an AR before. Especially one that trains as regularly as you do. :)

  2. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-02-07/japan-stocks-to-drop-on-yen-china-reserves-fall-99-5-billion?cmpid=yhoo.headline

    Scary shit. There's no upside to any of this other than the FSA will have to fend for themselves soon.

    1. And we, in turn, will have to fend for ourselves, in the face of that stark fact....


    2. LT, So you believe that within days of an event we would be defending ourselves in suburban areas? What about in rural areas more than 125 miles from a large city?

    3. Yes, within 1/4 tank of gas or less from any sizeable city, it would get sporty in a matter of days, and be downright ugly within a week after a such a major financial breakdown.

      YMMV depending upon how much of a suburban buffer exists between you and the FSA zone. Assume that most FSA are going to consume all the closest low-hanging fruit first, before going further from their familiar turf.
      As such it is safe to assume that the 'gentrified' city neighborhoods and the innermost suburbs will be hit first, and hit hard, due to the sheer numbers of foragers/looters able to get to them early in the breakdown process.

      Generally, outer suburbs and borderline rural areas should have a few days to finalize their preparations. If you're at least half a tank of gas away from any FSA enclave you may be spared the swarming of the locusts all together.

      But regardless of how far out you are, you absolutely cannot ignore the reality that there are pockets of FSA everywhere these days, and that failure to prepare an effective defense in cooperation with your neighbors will make you a very inviting target.

      Also, in any city with established gangs, there are going to be at least a few very bright criminal minds, who will think outside the box, and will go in unexpected directions, starting very early on in such a scenario - they will be 'elephant hunting', as it were. IOW, they will go after a really big score, such as a liquor warehouse, in addition to clearing out a walmart or two, and will want a secure place to settle in with their loot. Their preference for such a new man-cave may well lead them far away from the city, in search of someplace out of the way, where they can avoid the initial mayhem, and simply watch as their competition kill each other off.

      Since most gangs have sent members through the military at this point, you must expect at least some of the looting and violence to be well planned, and executed in a passably military manner. Trust your instincts - if it seems like an attacking force is too well organized, and/or too big, then withdraw and save your family. Stuff is just stuff, but lives are irreplaceable.

      Also, wherever you plan to weather such an event, be prepared to encounter refugees, and have a clear, simple plan for dealing with them, which you drill into everyone's head. Allowing confusion or family disagreement into the mix while dealing with such unknowns can cost you everything, including the lives of those you care about. I'm not suggesting that you abstain from being charitable; but if you don't plan to tightly control how that charity is dispensed, and follow that plan with solid discipline, then the situation will end up controlling you, and inevitably pushing you towards unfortunate and dangerous circumstances.

    4. A couple of years ago we got hit by back to back hurricanes that did considerable damage (my roof was pretty much torn off) and power was down for almost a month in some areas (mine was down for three weeks). My neighborhood was constantly reconned by hoopties full of black youths of questionable character (read "gang") on almost a daily basis. These guys weren't from my neighborhood. They obviously came in from outside areas.

      The judicious display of firearms by me kept my street safe. They're slow roll down the street sped up upon seeing me with an AR.

      So, you are correct. Those guys will move about looking for targets of opportunity. Contrary to the opinion of some, there will be no completely safe places. Even deep rural areas will get preyed upon eventually.

      Got militia?

    5. And never let anyone forget the Free Shit Army is not defined by melanin - it crosses racial, economic and every social boundary. Every county in America has a significant percentage of FSA, and when the music stops they will be scrambling for chairs. From gangs of black guys and Latinos to meth heads to upper-class, well-educated Liberal Fucktards who feed their kids based on .Gov paychecks or grants of otherwise - every single community in America is going to have feral trash with which to deal.

      Got militia? Got shovels? Got enough ammo? Got enough non-feral neighbors who can help you shut down your residential (or rural) street?

    6. Exactly - FSA is not defined by melanin, it's defined by irreconcilable stupidity. And, it's everywhere.

      To think otherwise is to consign yourself and your family to oblivion...


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