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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Twitter Takes Out McCain

When 'They' tell FB/Twitter/GMail/Blogger/Wordpress 'Shut down their internet' it will happen.

When 'They' tell Beretta/Colt/Springfield/etc to 'Stop all shipments from your factories to civilian gun shops' it will happen.

When 'They' shut down the interstates and decree certain pieces of America will be the next Holodomor - it will happen.

If you believe in Rightful Liberty (or even pantywaste big 'R' Republicanism) you are marked for slavery or death.

End of discussion.

Accept it.  Embrace that Bad People mean to have you bend knee, work their fields and surrender the fruits of your labor.  They mean to have your notions of Liberty extinguished from the planet Earth.  Only once you have accepted this reality, and accepted that 98% of those who claim to share your views will sell you for a bread chit, only then will you have even a remote chance.

Here's the piece from Vox.

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