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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

American Military Posture

Why should America fight Russia over who rules in the Baltic States or Romania and Bulgaria? When did the sovereignty of these nations become interests so vital we would risk a military clash with Moscow that could escalate into nuclear war? Why are we still committed to fight for scores of nations on five continents?

Time to bring American troops home from around the world?

Yes - long overdue, actually.  We have more than 150,000 troops spread across 150 countries beyond American borders.  This is folly.



  1. NATO at it's best. Turkey WILL get us into a war against Russia.

    Pentagon Orders Hundreds Of Military Families To Evacuate Turkey

    Has the US finally had enough of its "ally" Erdogan?

    Moments ago the DOD announced that the Secretary of Defense, in coordination with the Secretary of State, has authorized the ordered departure of all DoD dependents not assigned to Chief of Mission authority from Adana (to include Incirlik Air Base), Ismir, and Mugla, Turkey. This decision allows for the deliberate, safe return of family members from these areas due to continued security concerns in the region.

    It adds that while "this step does not signify a permanent decision to end accompanied tours at these facilities", the evacuation "is intended to mitigate the risk to DoD elements and personnel, including family members, while ensuring the combat effectiveness of U.S. forces and our mission support to operations in Turkey. The United States and Turkey are united in our common fight against ISIL, and Incirlik continues to play a key role in counter-ISIL operations."


  2. Treaties and foreign entanglements have ever been the enemies of peace and equal dealings among nations. Our forefathers warned us of exactly this danger, repeatedly - that if we promised peace to any other than our own citizens, then we would most certainly be drawn into wars far beyond both our own borders, and our legitimate national interests.

    The only lasting peace, is a peace which knows it's limitations and accepts it's place.

    Since 1917, our nation has for the greater part eschewed such a lasting peace - instead brokering a "conditional peace" with other nations, by which a select few have profited from a guarantee made by the whole of our nation.

    Thus is proven the fact that, "Favoritism in dealings abroad, is always clear evidence of favoritism at home".

    In my estimation it is time we disposed of both forms of favoritism; which cannot be done without imposing the consequences rightly due upon those parties - both domestic and foreign - which have conspired to defraud us (as the guarantors of such conditional peace), acting both against our better nature and to the detriment of our common cause as a nation.



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