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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Brussels Attack

Daily Mail piece is here.

Matt sends this link from Denninger and this one from Pam Geller.

This is not news, folks.  Many of us crossed this bridge at the 2015 PatCon in Idaho.  We saw firsthand how many would sit versus take a stand against Islam.

This is the organic result of allowing Bad People to act in contravention to common sense and fundamental realities.  This is what happens when Bad People are unopposed in their agenda.

The same decisions are being taken in America.  At current course and speed, you can expect such attacks here - probably before the election.

And just in case you haven't been paying attention - this is what the opening moves in a hot WWIII look like...


  1. "And just in case you haven't been paying attention - this is what the opening moves in a hot WWIII look like..."

    The fact that NATO HQ was less than a mile away was just a coincidence? I don't think so!
    The fact that Trump said we need to either get out of NATO or have a smaller role is kinda weird.

    "Following Brussels Attack Globalist Think Tank Calls for Invading Syria"


    I know, it's Prison Planet. It does make sense though.

  2. More leftist BS.

    "British soldiers should have 'cups of tea' with Islamic State terrorists"


  3. From Debkafile

    Abdelsalem capture laid red herring for double terror attack in Brussels.

    "He staged his capture as a trick to misdirect Belgian and French intelligence and anti-terror agencies and lull them into a state of false security."


  4. From Robert Spencer - Jihadwatch

    It’s time for the governments of Europe to fall


  5. My position on islam hasn't changed in a decade; for as coarse and offensive as some might find it. And every one of these attacks seems to be proving it correct - Islam is mutually exclusive to every other form of belief and thought.

    There is no "moderate" position. You must decide whether islam is GOOD or EVIL. If it is good you must embrace it; but if it is Evil you must destroy it.
    I came to accept the Truth of the matter long ago, and I stand by that Judgement, now and forever. Thus do I say -

    Kill every last muslim,
    Burn every last copy of their satanic book.
    Burn every last mosque to the ground.
    Burn every last dwelling they have occupied,
    And wherever you must burn,
    Salt the ground heavily.


    What they have done in Paris, Belgium, Berlin, and Bonn, they will soon do in New York, Boston, Washington, and Chicago. Count on it.

    Because yes, these are the moves which open an entirely new stage of warfare against everything which is 'Western'. And that includes you and your family.


    1. Islam is the EVIL Satanic ideology written by a goat fucking pedophile while possessed by demons in a cave.

      An attack WILL be brought against the American people before the election.

    2. LT, as we witnessed at the last summer, too many people take the moderate position when it comes to islam. Islam is evil to the core and its orgin is demonic. Your solution is the only solution. Moderates think they can coexist with islam. History proves otherwise.

    3. History proves otherwise, indeed, Matt. But the treasury of truth which is our history, is purposely eschewed in our "modern" education.

      Regardless what baseless tripe you were told in grade school, the crusades were about preventing a muslim conquest of Europe, fought over multiple generations; and, then as now, a great many didn't want to undertake a "religious war". When the collective will to repel islam was finally mustered, islam already held all of north Africa, much of Spain and Portugal, had taken much of the Meditteranean coast of France, and were literally "at the gates of Vienna".

      It was existential then, and it is existential right now. The only question is why nearly all of Europe's "leaders" and the vast majority of the European media refuses to admit or address the truth - that the muslims have again come with the intention of conquering all of Europe in the name of their satanic religion...

      America, pay attention, because they intend to do the same here, also.


  6. Potential Face Off in Plains, Montana Regarding Malheur Arrests


    Come and get it !


  7. Also, you know all these "terrorist attacks" are just false flags to usher in the NWO. But instead of arming up against the governemnt, lets further be divided along #queerbait

  8. Looks like the Muslim Terrorist have sprouted in Brussels...


  9. The Brussels airport terrorists were not suicide bombers. A jammed gun averted a mega massacre.

    How the hell do you jam an AK 47? Or if you do, why did you not train to clear the rifle under pressure?

    The two brothers Khalid and Ibrahim El-Bakraoui – misrepresented as suicide bombers – must now be considered fugitives like their companion, the third man seen on airport CCTV in a white coat and hat.


  10. @ToneDeaf - How the hell do you jam an AK 47?

    Start with the crappiest AKs you can find - early 1960s Bulgarian manufactured ones best fit this requirement. Assume they have spent the last 50 years traveling half the world in simple wooden crates, wholly unmaintained, and seldom inspected.
    They would be completely inoperative if not for the application of fine Russian cosmoline before leaving the factory.

    Along the way you repeatedly expose said rifle(s) to air heavy with saltwater; as aboard a cheap, rusty old freighter which lacks functioning dehumidifiers in it's cargo hold. The rifles are stashed in this miserable environment for a prolonged period - probably for the better part of a year, while the captain locates a buyer for his "priceless" cargo.

    Once disembarked within the EU, you strip the cosmoline from rifle and mags, assemble everything, and hide your heirloom armaments in a damp basement or crawl-space, underneath a cheap flat in an ancient public housing facility, where it will reside for another year or so, now protected from corrosion by nothing but a casual wrap with some oily rags. You have only a handfull of mags, which have all been treated in the exact same careless fashion.

    Then, once your heirloom is a salty, rusty old mutt, you feed it cheap, 50 year old Iranian surplus ammo, packaged in nothing but card-paper, which has been at length exposed to the same salty-air and musty dungeon spirits.

    Finally, when the corrosion within the chamber meets the corrosion coating the casings of your dirt-cheap Iranian ammunition, you discover that - even though 7.62X39 has a tapered cartridge wall - sufficient salty corrosion can and will combine within the laquer coating on the rounds, in the the piping hot chamber, to create a gritty, gooey adhesive (similar to the cheap epoxy which supposedly repairs stripped threads in things like engine blocks).

    The buildup of this amazingly sticky gunk causes repeated failures-to-extract, among which you eventually get one which requires a (borrowed) cleaning rod, a rubber mallet, and a good bit of patience to dislodge the casing from the chamber... and ruins the borrowed cleaning rod in the process.

    This makes a great deal more sense, when you understand that these sand people are used to living in places where the humidity rarely, if ever rises above 20%... so rust and corrosion are not things which they typically contemplate - the exception being metal fixtures in locations where camels are likely to piss upon them with regularity (because as organically sourced corrosives go, I am aware of nothing more potent than camel piss).

    Now, the next time we're together face to face, please remind me to tell you the story from which much of this information is borrowed... you'll laugh so hard, there will be tears coming out of your ears!

    1. Thanks LT!

      My question is, didn't they clean these AK's and practice with them before considering their use in a coordinated attack? I'll bet they DIDN'T clean the cosmoline out.

      The same thing happened in France on the train where the 3 Americans took down the would be terrorist because his AK jammed.

      Whether it was corrosion or the hand of the one true God, not that chunk of meteorite they so highly esteem in Mecca, They are retards!

    2. Yeah, you've got to thoroughly remove the cosmoline - the chances of the gun being operational otherwise is damn near nill.

      The problem arises in that, in order to get consistent adhesion of the cosmoline, the metal has to have been absolutely clean of all oils and solvents before the Cosmo was applied...
      In the case of those cheap Bulgarian AKs, there were always pockets where remaining oils or solvents prevented the cosmo from adhering... so, 50 years later, you're likely to find patches of rust and corrosion *under* the cosmo - sometimes in critical areas.

      Now, allow those patches of rot to fester and grow after the cosmo is stripped, which they are guaranteed to do, unless you are thorough in cleaning and lubricating the works.
      (I refer you back to my previous comments about how the sand people have essentially no understanding of corrosion)

      The rot patches common to the surplus 'Bulgy' AKs --due to their poor cleaning and prep before application of the cosmoline -- is probably the main reason that those surplus Bulgarian AKs have a bad reputation... some of them come out of the cosmoline looking as bad as a moth-eaten wool coat!

      And much of that surplus ammo dates back to the WW-II/Korean era, when all Russian ammo was still primed with corrosive primers. So 60 years later, a measurable percentage of those rounds will not fire because the primers have decomposed to the point of insensitivity.

      Imagine the difficulty of removing a live round which is essentially glued into the chamber...
      When you're committing an act of terrorism, you're not in a position to deal with such problems.

      So yeah, The Lord our God does have a sense of humor...and those who kneel and pray to Wah'llah are often the brunt of the joke.
      Even in His humor there is Justice...

    3. Sorry, forgot to add - I'm sure they got training with an AK at 'Terrorist U' in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, or wherever... but they certainly didn't spend any time with the rifle that they were given just prior to undertaking their attack - they most likely had never seen that rifle prior to entering the EU.

      And as for practice, there aren't any public rifle ranges within the EU, so I'd have to bet against it. The best that they might hope for is a quick live-fire 'function check' along a section of road wich has neither cameras nor occupied structures. But of course, even such a brief burst of rifle fire would create quite a stir in the EU these days, so they might not even risk that much...

      You should be getting the sense that many of these attacks are a total crap-shoot for the sand people. And while we hear of every successful (or even quasi-successful) attack, we never hear a word about those interdicted by police and/or military forces beforehand... so there really *is* an invisible war going on right now, across all of Europe.

      But as we only hear of the successful attacks, it's easy to get the impression that they're "winning"... but I don't believe thats the case. IMHO, for every attack you hear about (within Europe), I believe that 50 or more such attacks are interdicted before they come to fruition.

      This poses another set of questions about the nature of the conflict in Europe, which I'm not prepared to discus in an open forum such as this one... but these questions are aparent in the situation itself, for anyone who reads closely. And these questions indict certain among Europe's leaders, beyond even the shadow of a doubt; even as there are questions which, if ever publicly asked, would indict certain among America's "leaders".


    4. "So yeah, The Lord our God does have a sense of humor...and those who kneel and pray to Wah'llah are often the brunt of the joke.
      Even in His humor there is Justice..."

      This statement has bumper sticker written all over it.

    5. There's a lesson to be learned from the Jawa's, you don't need a $2500 slicked and tricked AR.
      You just need a reliable rifle that you are accustomed to and will train with and when the time comes, to fight with.

    6. @ToneDeaf -
      Yeah, I've been referring to them as the followers of Waaaaaaaaaa'llah for a while now, because of their constant whining complaints about being "discriminated against" even as they are engaged in Cultural Jihad against all of Western society and culture (A.K.A. Christian Society)

      This, of course, makes them natural allies with the Cultural Marxists who whine about racism, sexism, and "discrimination" against the practitioners of Sodomy...

      Both Islam and Marxism reveal their demonic essence, in the fact that they will ally themselves with *any* evil cause, in furtherance of their war upon Christian culture and values.

      And yes, you are quite correct - a 'Slicked and Tricked' AR are absolutely *not* necessary to engaging in, and certainly not to winning, the fight for liberty. What is necessary is the will and determination to prevail.

      Amongst the intelligence community, a simple rule of covert warfare is globally acknowledged, which becomes quite obvious once you have been given a handle on it. It states quite simply that, "in any conflict of beliefs, the most committed, wins."

      So the question turns upon us, as such - Is the Liberty Community fully committed to winning?


  11. https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/alertswarnings/europe-travel-alert.html

    State Department Europe Travel Alert


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