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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Clinton v. Trump

Whatever you may think of Donald Trump - he is likely the only barrier between you and President Hillary Clinton.

Take a peek at his campaign financing - here.

In a world of bad choices and distasteful compromises, sometimes you simply have to eat your stewed tomatoes. 

Neither President Clinton nor President Trump will appoint another Scalia - and let's face simple truths - Scalia was no true barrier between Tyrants and Rightful Liberty, and the relevance of SCOTUS remains a serious detriment to the basic premise of Rightful Liberty.

Suck it up, Buttercup.  Understand this simple reality: RevWarIII and WWIII are afoot.  The old arithmetic is not computing nor is it going to apply.


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  1. Trump and Clinton are both fascists (National Socialists) although the list of who each candidate prefers to make 'winners' of are quite different.
    There is not a single viable candidate who is truly conservative, in the sense of reducing government intervention into the lives of individuals (or the companies they would create to pay their bills and grow their wealth).

    And because neither candidate will change the direction in which the country is moving, neither will have any real impact on the fundamental outcome - with either candidate, you can and should expect continued escalation towards WW-III on the world stage, and continued steps towards the widespread eruption of violent anarchy here at home.

    With either candidate, the FED will continue to devalue our currency and give free pallets of money to their friends and allies, even as our finaicial straits continue to become more dire by the week.

    With either candidate, the internationalists will continue to fund *actual* terrorist organizations within the US, without the slightests ivestigation by Fed.Gov, including CAIR, ISNA, #BLM, NBPP, etc.

    With either candidate, the over 250,000 pages of "Federal Regulations" will continue to be used as a whipping post for any person who dares to exercise the Liberty they believe they possess in any fashion which irritates the mesh of bureaucratic agencies, comprising millions upon millions of unelected, self-righteous and self-interested fuckwits, who have (nearly all) long ago become Gollum - consumed of the power and petty authority which their position in the ferral government provides for them.

    Neither candidate will change any of this.

    Fact is, it cannot and will not change, until we shall disband the standing army of petty dictatrie which is the ferral (Federal) bureaucracy, comprised as it is of swarms of 'officers' whose sole purpose is to endlessly harass the people, and eat out their substance.

    In truth, the outcome of this election will have precious little actual impact upon anyone who lives more than 50 miles outside the Imperial City of Washington DC.

    And the things which *would* constitute a real change for our nation, can only be obtained, at this point, through a 'special election' - conducted as a popular refferendum in every state and county, under Rule 308.

    In real terms -
    A) continuing to sit on the front porch, is a clear vote for more of exactly what we have been getting for the last 25 years. There's no other explanation. Own it.

    B) leaving the front porch, now, at arms, and with your ugliest disposition fully employed, to eliminate the filthy and disfigured menagerie of bureaucrats and useful idiots in your AO. This is the *ONLY* vote you can make for a real and sensible change of direction in this country. There's no guarantee it will work, but it's the only chance there is. Period.

    Ignore this simple truth at your own peril. Normalcy bias can and does kill people, and their last words are most often "...but, that could never happen here."



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