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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Constitutional Carry in Idaho

Acknowledging and respecting fundamental Constitutional Rights should be the litmus test for our politicians.  If they can't respect the basics, they are Enemies of Liberty.

Those who get it right on even a few - that's a starting point.

Idaho Constitutional Carry law signed - here.

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  1. At the State level, very clear lines are being drawn -
    Some states, such as Idaho and Maine, are clealy favoring personal liberty and responsibility, by adopting legislation which explicitly permits lawful citizens to carry firearms in a concealed manner without requiring a government permit or license, A.K.A. "Constitutional Carry".

    Other States, such as New York, Connecticut, California, and Massachussetts, continue to place government control further and further above and beyond the interests of citizens by further denying those natural rights in regards to the ownership and ability to carry arms *at all* within their borders.

    In a 2004 campaign speech, John Edwards first spoke of "Two Americas" - it was a shockingly candid moment, when the attitude and purpose of the political elite was on plain display. And in truth they have been working with all dilligence to divide us into two Americas for the last hundred years.

    The question of respecting the natural law codified by the Second Amendment to our nation's Constitution is but one aspect of that chasm which has been created, at great expense and effort, to rend and divide us as a nation and a society.

    Where you face the coming dark days will have a great deal of influence on whether you and your family survive what five generations of evil effort have built up to befall our society, our economy, and our nation.

    If you're the only guy in your neighborhood who contemplates government over-reach with distaste, it's probably time to move; if you've been forced to 'register' property which is rightfully yours upon the excuse of "public safety", it's probably time to move; if an anonymous 911 call stating "I saw a gun at XYZ address" results in them rolling the entire SWAT Team, it's definitely time to move.

    And if your family's protests are holding you back from moving them to a more liberty-oriented place, then the effects of big, foul, soul-rotting government are already having serious effects on your family. It's time to be a man, make that decision, and make it happen...

    Because next year might be too late. And should you and your family be caught in enemy territory as a result of your inaction, you will never forgive yourself - your soul will never accept the lie that "you did your best", when in fact you know you didn't.

    Don't be that guy.

    It's spring, school will be out soon. Summer is the best time to move, in terms of minimizing disruption to your family. Get your homework done, and find that place which your family deserves to live in - Start your job search, find a house to lease in your target community, and do all the other little things that must be done leading up to a move.

    No excuses. No procrastinating. Because if you miss the window this summer, then next thing you know, it will be this time next year... and the world may look VERY DIFFERENT by then.


    Happy Easter. May the Lord prosper you and your family this year; may He keep you and yours from all harm; and may He guide and protect you from all error as you fulfill your duty as the head of your household - to provide for, protect, teach, and lift up those who are your Trust in the eyes of the Lord. Amen


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