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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Loveliness of Boats

Sent by a genuine ally.


Embrace the concept, Patriots...


  1. I've often said, "deport them to deep water, on leaky barges. Anyone who wants them, can come and get them (while they last)."
    Hapily, my position has not changed in many, many years. I do not wish them dead... I just wish them to be gone from here; where they have never belonged in the first place. Austrailia is quite fine, I hear... or India, or many other places.
    But NO! - they must have *this* country, for to revel in its destruction is their greatest dream. And I need no further proof than that, to know that they are the evil ones; the interlopers who do not belong and must therefore go...

    ...by whatever means necessary.


  2. Help to jailed super hero's family where we sent to help them.


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