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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Major Spring Cleaning Needed in America

The nation is already broken and divided. What is now being done to the nations of Europe was already done to the USA back in 1965. There is no longer an Anglo-American nation with a moderate admixture of other European nations, now it is a merely a political entity with dozens of rival ethnic and religious interest groups jockeying for power and a share of the income redistribution.

America can be fixed.  Repatriation of those who do not belong here will be an essential element.  With them must go a significant percentage of those among us who refuse to mind their manners and keep their noses where their noses do not belong.  If you believe it is morally just to coerce your neighbors to pay for anything they do not want - such as your medical bills - you should pack now...

Here's the piece.


  1. No need to repatriate those that don't belong here, they will eventually return to our shores to pursue another form of communism. It will be disguised as another benevolent ideology but the end result will always be the same, the subjugation of freemen.
    Vultures and other scavengers will feed upon the carrion of those that refuse to be self reliant. Those entitled, macro tyrants expecting to partake of my hard work and sacrifice will be part of the first die off.

    Let us not make the same mistakes past generations have by allowing those that mean to be our masters to survive the upcoming ugliness. Whether they are politicians, bankers or the welfare ho next door, NO QUARTER! Their seed must be wiped from the earth, never to return.

    1. Amen brother! Thus has God taught since the foundations of the world were laid out; that evil ought not to be suffered to lay alongside righteousness, for evil is never satisified until all righteousness is destroyed - therefore Righteousness is obliged to take up a posture and attitude of utter intolerance towards every evil which invades our communities; to cast out every iniquity before it takes root, lest our children be suffered to live in a jungle of sin and abomination.


  2. The Balkanization of America is all but an accomplished fact. All the pieces are where they need to be, and all that now remains to be seen is the triggering event.
    Those of you who go all pollyanna when such subjects are raised, need to pull yer heads out of your personal sewer pipes and take a close look at places like Baltimore, Philly, Atlanta, St. Louis, etc to see what has been done to the black community. Equally disturbing situations with ghetoized immigrant groups can be seen in Boston, Mineapolis/St.Paul, Portland Maine, and a host of other cities. I'm speaking from personal experience - I've been in every one of those cities, and seen with my own eyes how well tee'd up the racial conflict is. Not all of it is as hot as Ferguson or Balti, but it's, there, just waiting for a spark.

    When this "spring cleaning" goes live in America, its going to be the bloodiest event in the history of the world. Because this is not just racial conflict itself - this is racial conflict in very large urbanized areas, at the end of a very long supply chain -
    Everything from food and water, to electricity itself are insanely exposed to disruption of delivery. And in such a scenario, the old, the sick, and those too young to fend for themselves are always the first and hardest hit - and every casualty in that initial group will leave behind a family. Many of whom will want revenge. And those who have lost family members in such a civil conflict are rarely amenable to any "peace" other than the total destruction or displacement of their "enemy" group.

    This is the very definition of Balkanization.

    And this sets the pendulum swinging wildly for revenge killing of the uncontrollable variety, which is the foundation of **every** generational war ever fought. EVER.


    And it won't matter that "the socialists" in the government are responsible for all of it. Even if the majority of combatants had the mind to comprehend what was actually done to them, and by whom (which is a ridiculous proposition in and of itself), there's the problem of *time* which is utterly against such a discussion - because every time someone is attacked, killed, or goes missing, you are back to square one in negotiating a peace...or even square zero, where no one is even willing to negotiate.


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