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Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Trump Tuesday: Today will likely be noted in history books as the day the modern GOP crashed and burned.  Donald Trump will probably take most of the delegates up for grabs today and solidify his lead on the road to the convention.  PJB has a good piece - here.

'Establishment' Republicans will either fall in line or mount a 3rd line of attack, perhaps looking for a floor fight at the convention - or even a 3rd Party candidate.  Anything short of falling in line will result in the irreparable split of the GOP as we know it (Not a bad outcome).  Anything short of falling in line ensures a Clinton Presidency - keep in mind she already has a headlock on more than 240 Electoral Votes in a static world.  To beat her Trump will have to plow hard to the center once the primaries are over.

Regardless of your thoughts on Trump/Cruz/Rubio/Clinton/USC/BoR/blah blah blah - reality simply can't be escaped.

Founders: Our first five Presidents were Founders.  Washington was a lock given RevWarI. He listened to Hamilton too much and set very ugly precedents on many issues.  Adams followed, and revealed to everyone what the Federalists truly sought - monarchy and tyranny dressed in more attractive attire.  The next three Founders/Presidents all struck ardent anti-Federalist postures and the country sent them to office repeatedly.  Where Adams & Company gave us Alien and Sedition, Jefferson & Company rolled them back and gave us the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions.  John Quincy-Adams, while not a Founder, carried the Democratic-Republican ideals of Jefferson forward through 1829.  28 years of Jeffersonian Republicanism dominated the Executive - yet the Tyrants used that time to take the Judiciary.

Romantic notions of what was, what might have been, what may be, are all simply notions.  

What is, is.  Jefferson could not be elected today.  Perhaps comforting is that neither Washington nor Adams could be elected, either.  I wonder if they'd start another ruckus if here now, as we stare into the twin bores of a Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump Presidency.

You say we have 2 options - Clinton or Trump.  I say there is always another option...

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Victoria Sharp: Here.

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