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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Patriot Arithmetic: Choose Reality or Fantasy

Every election cycle the 'Patriot' community wails about the electoral season and the corruptions of it - both real and imagined and deliberately inaccurate.

One of the most significant failings of the 'Patriot' community is the detachment from Reality - Normalcy Bias and Cognitive Dissonance.

Here is the only arithmetic Patriots should consider at election season: Which candidate for Sheriff would you prefer to have seated in your county when the world turns ugly?  Which candidate for Mayor is more likely to use common sense when your unprepared neighbors start chanting for local LEO to begin food confiscations for redistribution?  Which candidate(s) for County Council/Commissioners are most likely to vote Colonist versus Tory when the time comes?  Which of the candidates from your district and state do you want sitting in seats of authority at the state and Federal levels when decisions are taken to deploy roadblocks - or not?  To close banks, or not?  To put price and sales controls on local crops - or not?  To initiate any or every form of population control and coercion that History proves will be considered when the world gets ugly?

You may wish to believe that the decisions of tens-of-thousands of bureaucrats and elected officials from dog catcher to President will have no bearing on you and your mighty Tricked & Slicked (TM) AR - but that belief is exactly the point of graf #2 above.

Reality: Implosion is imminent.  North American society will be in upheaval greater than CWII.  This is likely to happen in our near-term.

People holding bureaucratic and elected offices will have tremendous resources at their disposal to impact the early stages of that upheaval, directly to your refrigerator, door step, garden, to the town and county edges of your AO, and far, far beyond.

Ignoring this Reality will not change it.

PJB discusses the baring and gnashing of teeth currently on display in the Republican Establishment - here.  Why do you think the Establishment is willing to detonate the GOP?  Because they understand the true power equations.

When the music stops, it matters who sits in power to roll your local MRAPs...


  1. I hear what you're sayin'. Gotta say I agree. In principle.

    So far however, ain't not a one of the motherfuckers stood up to anything anywhere that I know of.

    Just sayin'. :-)

    1. that candidates - or the 'Patriots' who refuse to vote?


      Same-same demonstration of resolve, if you ask me.

  2. Voting is a prerequisite, just as issuing a public warning is. Our forefathers issued their public warning - it's know as the Declaration of Independence. Absent such a collctive declaration, a man is reasonably obliged to make a personal one, as I have - http://ncrenegade.com/editorial/a-time-to-kill/

    There remains no question of what is coming; what remains is the question of whether a sufficient number of American men will distinguish themselves when the time arrives, or whether they'll all crap their pants and cry for mommy.


    But then again, SO HAVE THEY.

    1. Me thinks there will be a shortage of Depends...


    2. Succinct as always LT. Question becomes one of courage, or talk. You and I know where we'll be... blazing apostle

    3. You won't find me taking the other end of that bet, MJB. 'Gonna be lots and lots of extra-large toddlers on that day -
      May their chains rest lightly upon them; and may history forget that they were (alleged to have been) our countrymen.


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