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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Amen, Sir.


We, America, missed our last chance to elect a genuine American Constitutionalist.

Now we pay the price.

May God have mercy on our Souls...

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  1. Heh, nicely Implied, that 0bama is the equivalent of neville Chamberlain... the one who promised "peace in our time" while placating our [most duplicitous] allies, invading, or otherwise embattling nations with aspirations of regional hegemony [Iran, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, etc] and instigating those with global aspirations, both politically and economically, without regard for the consequences.

    I would dare to take the simile one step further, and to suggest that our next 'dear leader' will invoke every treaty obligation within plausible reach, as they march us to the edge of the pit called "World War III"; hoping to make of themselves the next Winston Churchill.
    To say that, those playing this high-stakes game of globalist chicken are morally depraved, would be the most profound of understatements. They have already accepted the very likely consequence of a hundred million and more deaths, which will most assuredly occur if they successfully trigger a global conflict with a "limited nuclear exchange" as part and parcel of their war strategy to come out in a position of global dominance, and clean of any accountability for the Century of Global Pillage, which they and their forerunners have already successfully prosecuted against us.
    The difference is that this time, we know what they're doing...



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