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Friday, April 29, 2016

America First

The founding principles of the original America First Committee in 1940:

~ The United States must build an impregnable defense for America.
~ No foreign power, nor group of powers, can successfully attack a prepared America.
~ American democracy can be preserved only by keeping out of the European war.
~ "Aid short of war" weakens national defense at home and threatens to involve America in war abroad.

Pat Buchanan picked up the America First theme as a Presidential candidate.  I was present at the DoubleTree Hotel when he made the now iconic statement: ''Our two parties have become nothing but two wings on the same bird of prey.''  

Donald Trump was in that race, as well.  Now Trump has lifted the America First flag and is charging forward to a likely (R) nomination in Cleveland.  Will he prove to be nothing but a spoiler as some people believe?  Will he prove to be nothing more than an opportunist who lifts the America First banner as a meme to win an election, only to pivot once in office?  Will he prove to be a True Believer who manages to harness the discontent of tens-of-millions of Americans who hold the Establishment Elite in contempt so strongly that RevWarIII is a very real possibility?

Time will tell.

But for this moment, those of us who have been America Firsters since our baptism in American politics - we can hope.

Donald Trump is no Pat Buchanan.  But at the moment, he carries the right flag...

Here's the piece.

We'll see you all in Cleveland.

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  1. I have reservations about all politicians, Trump isn't an exception to that. I trust NONE of them. But yes, he seems to be saying the right things, but, like it is pointed out, will he continue. As with everyone, time always ferrets out the truth.
    Trump does seem to bring out the waiting Demons within the Commie/Liberal camp.
    I saw the images on the news this morning of a Trump supporter who was in a hospital bed after being dragged from his car and beaten by the Trump protesters in Cali.
    Pay attention people, because this is where it starts, this is the where the leap from making you be politically correct, shaming you for being a...pick any and all that apply...white, male, Christian, conservative, hard working, firearm owning, Constitution loving, citizen, to physically making you surrender your beliefs, assaulting you physically and making you cower before them, and making you keep your mouth shut.
    They have now made it an America where you will think twice about opening your mouth to voice your beliefs.
    How does that make you feel? Does in frighten you? Does it make you angry? Does it make you guarded?

    Tell me, do you think that it is a great leap of imagination from the above to kneeling beside an open mass grave, waiting for the bullet to find you?

    They are this close (picture me holding my thumb and finger really, really close) to taking away everything I believe in as a human being and an American.

    Well, you know what happens when everything is taken from someone, or a group of people, and they have nothing left to lose. They fight. They fight dirty and they fight with focused attention, they fight with one sole purpose because nothing else matters, nothing else can be taken from them. Their life, you might say. But by then it DOES NOT MATTER. There are worse things than death.

    "In a single lifetime; Few men will ever align themselves with you. Fewer men will ever go to a gunfight with you. Even fewer men are willing to face death with you; Should the occasion arise. Choose wisely whom you trust to stand by your side."

    I don't know who said that, but they knew what they were talking about.


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