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Sunday, April 3, 2016

On the Edge of War in America

Armed group of anti-Islam protesters met by armed group of NoI.

The anti's (several III flags in the mix) backed down.

It won't take long.  Someone, somewhere is going to pull a trigger and unleash Hell in America.

Here's the story.


  1. This is why you should not bring guns to a "protest" **(unless you are the security detail)...
    If you're going to "protest" something, leave your arms at home. And if you insist on bringing arms, then by all means, use what you bring and make it a Direct Action.

    Bringing arms to a 'public protest' but intending not to use them, makes about as much sense as going to The Bunny Ranch if you're not looking to f*kk.

    The character Forest Gump famously stated,"Stupid is as stupid does." And in the above situation, his words are proven genius.

    There is absolutely no benefit to be obtained in 'protesting' a mosque or islamic center. NONE.
    You will neither reach them by reason, nor cow them by intimidation - as the event in south Dallas plainly demonstrates. There is therefore no valid point to such a protest - unless you want to let them know how much they are hated, and encourage them to improve their security, even while serving as their recruiting tool.

    Protest is, and ever has been worthless when dealing with EVIL.

    Better to quietly and unobtrusively observe and document their activities, who is who in their power-structure, who drives what vehicles, and what their standard posture towards outsiders and perceived threats is... all this intel you gather will be useful later - when you do bring arms for the express purpose of threat elimination in your AO.

    The time rapidly approaches, when having a baseline of prepared intelligence on such groups and their facilities, will prove priceless - because the survival of your community may well depend upon it.

    Those who abuse Liberty, sentence themselves to death!

  2. This will be the year when not just America but the entire world will be engulfed by chaos and war.
    The globalists have all of their pieces in position and are awaiting a catalyst to light the fuse.

  3. ToneDeaf - with the smells currently emanating from the [globalist] kitchen, 1) there is no sane person who doesn't have a good idea of what they're cooking up for us, and 2) there is no possible way to claim that anybody currently or recently 'working in the kitchen' isn't guilty of Treason against Humanity.

    Therefore, whatever comes to pass, ought to be brought to an end with the world's largest-ever hanging party -

    Hang them all, every last one - from the guys in charge, all the way down to the bastard who swept the floor of the rooms where they met.

    And whenever you must deal with the man of the house, deal with the entire house in the same fashion, that none shall come later for revenge.

    Hang them all, every last one!!!

    1. You are definitely more humane than I am.

      I would take everyone of them and tie them to a tree naked. Then I would get out the ole baseball batting machine, load it up with potatoes and set it to Nolan Ryan and start shooting spuds up their buttholes at 90 MPH+ until they blow up.

      That will definitely cause future generations of commies to reconsider their plans to enslave freemen. ;)


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