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Monday, April 11, 2016

Who wants it more...

ToneDeaf just zipped us this RT link - the Democracy Spring folks made quick work of living up to their word.  They apparently have broken the all-time record for most arrests at the US Capitol.

Even as fertilizer I have no use for this band of genetic waste.

But I do respect the fact that they said they were going to do X - and they did X.  They started their week in DC with proving they mean what they say.

Compare and contrast that to - say - the 'Not one more inch' fucktards who then hand over their pistols to LEO during traffic stops.

Get ready for a long, ugly summer, folks.


  1. I wonder how many of the actual organizers were arrested compared to the number of useful idiots they conned into getting arrested for their cause.

    And I agree, they stated there would be people willing to be arrested and they produced people to be arrested.

    Compare that to the 3% of the III% that are willing to do more than bitch and whine behind a keyboard. Of course one has to take into account that most Patriots are intelligent Individuals and not drones. Leftists have no problem following someone over a cliff if asked. Most Patriots get stuck in analysis paralysis and never leave their house. How do we fix this?

    It will be a long, hot ugly summer.

  2. I may have to go fishing...

    It's such a tantalizing opportunity, so rare that they actually 'out' themselves and march in formation. (at least in my neck of the woods)

    And the weather couldn't be finer for it - Ambient is right around the standard for published specifications, and the winds have been so mild, too.

    Lord Give me strength (or accuracy, whichever is Thy will)

  3. According to them, "there has not been one beneficial change [in the US] without massive civil disobedience". But I think they fail to understand that the "disobedience" they champion doesn't have a hard upper bound. After all, our Revolutionary War and "Civil War" were both massive acts of civil disobedience. And the "good" do not always win undre such circumstances.

    But this isn't the 1960s any more - and whether it's an outright civil war, or a sit-in, or a work-stoppage by public employees - those are *all* anti-government activities and can be charged under the NDAA as radical and/or home-grown extremism. Is this what they're looking for, to come under the government boot which for so long has protected them?

    There's more irony here than I can encapsulate on the spur of the moment...


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