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Sunday, May 1, 2016

III Arms Garrote

As promised, aluminum garrotes will ship early this week to everyone who has ordered directly or renewed their III Society Membership (annual payment).  Your training certificates are good for 2 full years from purchase/renewal at our facility in North Idaho.  We are considering a training video on the garrote for those of you who simply can't make the trek to the Jedburgh Academy - we'll keep you updated. If we do create a video, we'll place it at the III Combatives site.

We are aware that a very small group of 'Patriots' are quite unnerved by the fact that the garrote and training in its use are being offered. One silly little fellow (who self-identifies with the stolen valor rank of 'General' in the Free Shit Army Corps of King's Men) suggests it is beyond the pale of conduct for III Patriots to train in such weapons - because *gasp* - they may actually be used!  

Here is a little piece of reality for all the keyboard commandos, faux 'Patriots' and hollow heroes out there who plan to win the war for Liberty by running through the woods and calling one another by .mil ranks - if you haven't got the grit and mettle to close the gap and defend your Life and Liberty at buckle-to-buckle ranges, you have no business claiming you'll ever do so from behind a trigger.  You won't ever do it.  You'll freeze, at best.  Most likely, you'll never find sufficient motivation to leave the porch.  There will always be excuses ready.

In truth, these cowards do not fear the garrote - they fear those of us who have the skill and grit to actually put such a weapon into play for Principle.

If the fight for Rightful Liberty ever goes hot in America, more progress will be made by men and women wielding a suppressed Walther or garrote or icepick while wearing a waiters uniform or repairman's tool belt than all the self-proclaimed 'Patriots' currently bloviating online about their mad small unit tactic skills - combined.  

Silly Pig Farmers.

Here's the link.


  1. The reason 'fake-riots' attack you is because they look in the mirror and see the lie. You are a daily reminder to them that they are all jokes, wannabes, and as you call them 'Free Shit Army'. So they must try to get rid of you, so they can all continue the lie that they matter. Keep leading, sir!

  2. Wow. Just... wow.

  3. Just saw a recent photo of the dumb and dumber road trip, lands in North TX. Horry fuk I feel sorry for that zip line. By the size of the jowls and sagging arm fat....vegetable gardens my aching ass, more like Hunan all you can eat fried Chinese buffet. There need not be any fear a vegetable will be consumed in those households.

    1. Haven't seen the pic, but I suspect I know of whom you speak. I spent 4 hours in a courtroom with that warthog as her husband begged and pleaded and lied like a bitch. Isn't there a word in our language for a slovenly PoS female who is 'diagnosed' as 'disabled', collects welfare benefits from the taxes of we working Americans - and she still smokes?


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