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Monday, May 2, 2016

'Make America Mexico Again'

We’ve been invaded and our government has provided aid and comfort to the enemy. - link here.

Build the wall.

Drain the swamp.

And anyone who doesn't like it should be given a free, one-way ticket (first class) out of the country - never to return.

Eazy peazy...

...then we get to work on Mo's Morons.


  1. Am I the only one seeing the scary parallels between reality in 2016 America and the Enemies, Foreign and Domestic series of books by Bracken?

    La Raza and other Hispanic commie groups are pushing for the return of the American southwest to Mexico.

    The flying of the Mexican flag at these rallies is not to show the diversity of the American culture as the commies portray it but as a symbol of their allegiance to a different nation. These are nothing but foreign invaders that are willing to do the leftists dirty work.


  2. A free, one way ticket, Rust Class would be more appropriate.

    As in, pack their stinking La Raza asses on a rusty, leaky old barge that's fit to be scrapped. Haul it out into deep international waters, and announce that anyone who wants them can come and get them...
    While they last.

    As far as I can tell, commies are good for only two things - ballast, and nuclear shielding.
    Either way, they're disposable.


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