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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

NM Riots against Trump

Thanks to ToneDeaf.

Here's the link.

Build the wall and deport every Muslim and Illegal.


  1. Heh. The more violently they hate Trump, the more willing I am becoming to seeing him in the White Hut...

    For no other reason than that it will tear the veil completely away from these commies, and put their violent, childish hypocrisy on bold display.

    Oh, wait, never mind. Their violent and hypocritical nature is *already* on bold display.

    So, what's bolder than bold, and more hypocritical than utter hypocrisy? I guess we're about to see for ourselves...


    1. We are all in for a very interesting summer.

      If Trump does no more than build the wall and deport the Muslims, illegals and their anchor babies, I'm good. If he actually lives up to 30% of his promises, especially about bringing our troops home from across the globe, he may be remembered as this generation's Reagan. Reagan was no Jefferson - but he was also no Carter. ;)

      There is no non-violent solution in America. But there are delaying tactics - and maybe, just maybe, Trump buys us a bit more time.

      Though I must admit - 'buying us more time' is as disconcerting to me as the alternative. The Enemies of Liberty have all the advantages, and time is their ally more than ours. Another decade will see how many potential militia change status from Fighter to Auxiliary - or deceased of old age?

    2. I totally agree K.

      Buying us more time is a negative. By the end of the Summer there should be no fence sitters left. Either you are for Liberty and all of the risks involved in being self reliant or you are for collectivism and the false sense of security it brings.

      I don't think we will have a choice in the matter as those who mean to be masters will very soon require chaos to hide their sins against Humanity.

      So let us advance on the chaos and darkness wearing the armor of God and do our duty.


  2. I am just eager to see the day these "peaceful" rioters are met with the same kind of "equality" they dish out to opposition.

  3. INFOWARS Video:



  4. More Video:



  5. Disgusting Commies!



  6. Last nights events were coordinated by TheRedNation.org and PSLWeb.org (Party for Socialism and Liberation).

    Both groups are funded by Soros. So once again there are paid agitators involved to get the mobs started.



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