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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Want to be amused and sad all at the same time?

State-paid bus driver with Hero Envy
One day I'm gonna be a real boy, jus' like Jesse
so I can hunt the Predator!
Here ya go...

...the Alabama Sucker.

My thanks to my ally who sent the comparison.


  1. Bus drivers and union floor sweepers, throw in the commie and now you have a party.

  2. I gotta say something for the boy. He sure do got lots of pictures of hisself striking more than a few poses. It does seem to be a recurring response. Sheesh! :-D

  3. Maybe we can see one of him wiping pepper spray outta his eyes, from when... oh, nevermind. - Bill Collector

    1. At least he would be doing something productive.

      What's yer name, boy? Don't hide you little bitch. ;-)

    2. Just another III Fakriot afraid to sign his name - even a recognized screen name - to his words. You know, one of those manly-men...

  4. Any idea who this little bitch is, K? :-)


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