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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Drudge to DHS: You go first, Brah...

I have said before, Matt Drudge will be recorded by History as the modern equivalent of a Founding Father - assuming we get to write the history books.

Here's the piece.

Never.  Ever.  Disarm.


  1. Nice retort by Drudge. And a valid position that we can all agree on - uncle Feddy wants us to give up our guns, they can go first, like in England, where the police do not carry guns, except for their counter-terror units, and some officers on "organized crim detail".


    1. The first thing we do once our political class and their enforcers disarm is put them all on a ship out of here. ;)

      Of course, they'll never do it. But we can dream.

    2. Yep, disarm, renounce their US Citizenship, and depart our shores...permanently.
      I'd be perfectly happy for them to live in peace and happiness...anywhere else.

      But ours is a nation of free men, and at least some of us are determined to keep it that way.

      At any cost.



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