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Monday, June 20, 2016

He did it because [REDACTED]

Dropping the optics.

We told you it would begin to happen with more frequency and brazen disregard many years ago.

A selection of Traitors employed by FedGov have taken the decision to scrub all references to Islam from Mateen.  Those who mean to be Masters have decided to put forth their own narrative, for their own reasons, and they are so unafraid of Americans, they tell us they are doing it.

NRA made the same revelation, though inadvertently, when they scolded Trump about who may and may not be armed, when and where.  Trump suggested that people in the club, had they been armed, could have fought back.  NRA insisted that laws prohibiting customers in a bar from carrying were 'common sense' and reasonable.  (Remember folks - 'common sense' and 'reasonable' in 2A discussions are exacly why Marxist nuts insist that 'common sense' and 'reasonable' restrictions on climate change 'deniers' warrant punishments and are acceptable under our BoR.)

Laws already exist against shooting people.  If a drunk shoots someone, he is as guilty as had he been sober.  But let's leave that Darwinian argument alone for a moment.  What about the designated driver of the group from the office who isn't drinking?  Should he lose his 2A rights just because he walks through a particular doorway?  NRA means to be the entity that decides what is, and is not, reasonable regarding your Natural Right of self defense.  They are as guilty of infringing your rights as the politicians in DC, California, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts and New Jersey that have banned 'Assault Weapons'.

SCOTUS has decided not to hear challenges to the AWBs in those seven Blue hell holes.

The people your neighbors voted into political office are murdering America.  Many of your neighbors - and disgustingly, some of YOU, work for entities under the control and direction of those politicians.  Our private sector is also filled with American Quislings - see NRA above - and outright traitors.  

When LEO is permitted 'under law' to take your wallet during a traffic stop, swipe and lock all your debit & credit cards, you must understand you are living in East Germany 2.0. 

When self-identified Enemies of Liberty are brought into the country and resettled in American homes, paid for by American taxpayers, who then unleash their little animals to hunt your kids, you must understand our 'Leaders', their petty functionaries in the bureaucracy, and every single American who supports them, is guilty of Treason.

What is truly foul and repugnant - they get no serious pushback for their hubris.


  1. Why aren't those three muzzie kids impaled on pikes in the apartment courtyard as a warning for any others?

    1. From what I can tell it hasn't yet been verified regarding details. That said - South Idaho is a different world, much like other domesticated 'R' ghettos.

      There is a reason North Idaho does not have 'resettlement' camps for Mo's Morons...

  2. Sounds like Twin Falls needs a serious decampment putsch, Viet Nam style...



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