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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

PatCon 2016

August 25th - 28th.

It is time to start prepping for PatCon 2016!  

This year will be different.  This is a teaching & learning weekend, hosted by Jedburgh Academy.  Guests are limited to participants and guests in one (or more) of the several classes being hosted through the weekend.

On the schedule thus far:

Combat Pistol Training Course: 1.5 day course begins Friday
Combat Rifle Training Course: 1.5 day course begins Saturday afternoon
Our instructor will host these classes on the mountain, rain or shine.

1911 Build Class: Saturday
AR-15 Build Class: Sunday
Our instructor will (probably) host these classes in-town at one of our shops.

We are considering two additional 1-day classes: Tactical Comms and Strategic Services. Feel free to weigh-in with interest in either class.  Both classes, if hosted, will be split between mountain and in-town modules.

Obviously the class schedules will overlap, so attendees will not be able to participate in all class offerings.  As usual, we'll have evening fireside chats after classes.   

When our two firing ranges are not being used by our classes, guests are welcome to burn some ammo.  Trailers and tent camping are available - we have more than 100 acres available for guests.

As noted above, only class participants and their guests may attend PatCon 2016.  Guests are limited to immediate family and significant others only.

Full details will be posted at the PatCon blog over the next month or so.


  1. If you have not caught
    wind of this yet, you really
    should check it out.
    The rule of Constitutional law
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  2. There is a communist coup
    occurring in the House chambers.

  3. The specifics: breitbart.com/2nd-amendment/2016/06/22/speaker-ryan-awol-as-dems-take-over-house-floor-in-anti-gun-rights-media-stunt/

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    Yes, Virginia, there is a video of the incident
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  5. In case anyone missed it, there
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  6. Cav Med - I don't mean to offend, or minimize your interest in this temper-tantrum on the house floor, but Elvis has left the building; what happens in Moscow on the Potomac now is just footnotes to history.

    The real history about to be made, will happen on Main Street, not on K Street or Pennsylvania Ave. Unfortunately, we've all got front-row-seats, whether we want them or not. And those living in Metropolis City are going to be part of the main event - Their choice, their problem. Many, many of us have been warning for years now that folks should get out of the major cities well before the lights go out and the curtain goes up on this 'grand show' about to be performed...



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