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Friday, June 24, 2016



  1. We have killed 60 + million babies in this country since 1973. The unintended consequences for these actions will be horrific to say the least.

  2. Agreed. When you serve Moloch, you receive Moloch's reward; and we have murdered more babies in the US since 1973, than the total number of war-dead for WW-II.

    At least as many babies have been murdered in Europe during that same timeframe. And the US has exported millions upon millions of baby-murder (abortion) kits to Africa and Southeast Asia over the last 30 years, with untold deaths in those places, as well. (search on "INTRAH project" and the name "Pape Gaye" to see what I mean)

    And, we have no way of knowing what the figures are for Russia, China, or much of the rest of the world, either domestically, or through their respective "health outreach" programs in the third world. Because they refuse to even maintain records of such things.

    Worldwide, the number of pre-natal murders in the last 40 years exceeds 250 million, as a *very* conservative estimate; other estimates run as high as 600 to 800+ million pregnancies purposely 'terminated' over the course of four decades.

    Based on a round and reasonable estimate of 500 million abortions over 40 years, that works out to ~12.5 million babies per year, which divides out to ~34,243 BABIES MURDERED PER DAY. More murders, every single day, than all the 'gun deaths' in an entire (bad) year in America.


    Anyone who believes that such massive and worldwide abomination can go unpunished, is not in their right mind. Period.


  3. Suicide is not on the list ?

    Bert, TX

    1. Heh, suicide by gun somehow gets included with murder by gun. I imagine that suicide by drug OD is included with accidental ODs, as well, but can't be sure.

      Morally speaking, suicide is murder - a person has no more moral grounds for ending their own life, than the life of another person (necessary self-defense being the sole exception)...
      But, that's a whole other conversation.


    2. Good catch. It would be ranked down near the kidney failure spot if they included it.

      I was going to suggest they chose to keep it off the list because it is self-inflicted - but my argument doesn't hold water. I'd argue that most deaths caused by tobacco, obesity, alcohol, drunk driving, etc - are all self-inflicted causes of death.

  4. Abortion is the topic that has led me to the most pessimism regarding the future of Liberty.

    We are a country of people who either encourage, condone, tolerate, or quietly accept the wholesale butchery of the most vulnerable among us.

    As a people, if we had any intention of rising up and doing away with Evil, I think there would be more people on the books like Scott Roeder and more worm food like George Tiller.

    Ending every single abortion doctor in America would be an easy task - they operate publicly, advertise, from fixed locations. But Americans simply are not sufficiently appalled to end the practice or failing that, the practitioners.

    And let us not hide behind the 'It's a legal practice, killing an abortionist would be murder' argument.

    Defending every baby on his work schedule the next day rises to the level of defending the innocent who cannot defend themselves.

    I am truly not certain any of us will escape judgment on this one, though I think Roeder will be in a better position than the rest of us...

  5. "Then were little children presented to him, that he should lay hands upon them and pray. And the disciples rebuked them [who brought the children]. But Jesus said to them: Suffer the little children, and forbid them not to come to me: for the kingdom of heaven is [made] for such as these little ones. And when he had laid His hands upon them, he departed from thence." --Gospel of Matthew, Ch.19

    Mind you, Jesus has just finished rebuking the crowd about divorce, fornication, and the hardness of their hearts. And the last straw for the day is when *His own disciples* try to turn away the children from receiving His blessing. Put plainly, Jesus is boiling mad at that point. But he gives the children His blessing before He takes His leave of the crowd, and gives us ALL a warning about our conduct regarding children - the children are worthy in His Eyes to receive Heaven. Therefore any who would harm them are forthwith worthy of hell, upon that cause alone.

    What, then, can be said of the one who makes a profession out of murdering the most vulnerable, even among children? Even hating their abominations as I do, my heart trembles when I consider their fate - For I can imagine nothing more evil, and therefore no greater punishment, that that which is held in reserve for they that slaughter children in such wholesale fashion.


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