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Monday, June 27, 2016

Practical Prepping

We missed posting the Practical Prepping segment last week, ironically because we were, and are, prepping.  The picture above was taken this afternoon, as we scouted more of the back country in our AO.  As you can tell by the picture, it is grueling, dark, burdensome work.  We had brief interactions with two moose - a calf and later in the day a cow.  

One of the biggest Whitetail bucks I have ever seen jumped the road just in front of us at one point - he is going to have a massive rack this fall.  He was moving downhill at full speed - had he hit us, wed'd have all gone down a nasty drop, ass over tea kettle, SxS and all.  I'll be looking for him this fall...

We are slowly mapping and marking our back country pathways between Tribe hobbit holes and our bug-out spot.  We have confirmed that we can get from our driveway to our BOL without so much as a stop sign in the way.  Nice.

How has your Tribe progressed in the last 10 days or so?


  1. Mostly just the FTX last week-end. I ran guys through pistol and close-quarter rifle drills to prep them for passing appropriate quals. Quite a few guys did required ruck marches. The most notable was one who did 10 miles with 65lb in 3.5 hours. New guys took command to run night ops. Helluva fire fight complete with flash bangs, trip wires and even strobes.

    We be movin' along. :-)

    1. Good on ya. Are you getting a decent percentage in the under 40 demographic?

    2. Some, but truthfully, not near enough. But that's just how it is. You just gotta keep moving in the right direction regardless though. I'm convinced they'll eventually show. And when they do, there will be a structure in place. ;-)

    3. Correct - they will show up at all of our doors the moment things begin to get sporty.

      We are the Officer Corps, whether we like it or not. And frankly most of them won't make the rank and file for one reason or another.

    4. K, I agree with you. My concern is the under 40 crowd will show up when things start to get sporty, but with little or no gear or food. And then they will expect you to feed them. I can train them, but I can't feed them all. That's the dilemma I see.

    5. Anon: Arm them. Train them. Send the able-bodied forth to feed off the Enemies of Liberty in your AO, bringing back more essentials from their ops. Set their females to the tasks of the Auxiliary - growing and harvesting, medical, et cetera.

      You do have a list of Bad People in your AO, yes? You can lead the first few ops for on-the-job training against the Bad People who helped get us into this existential fight.

      Because I promise you this: Bad People know where you live and mean to eliminate you most expeditiously.

    6. Agreed. We have a number of "ancient" rifles to loan to doorstep patriots who show up, when they can no longer stand the heat.

      We intend to loan them one of these ancient rifles, and 5 rounds of ammo; with the intent that they eliminate an enemy armed with a better rifle, and a battle load of ammo - and seize said arms and ammo for themselves.

      Same principle as the WW-II "Liberator" pistols.

      We'll give them a very short course of training, and send them forth to prove themselves... some will return, armed and proven. The rest will at least have fallen fighting against the menace which contrived their destruction, in the first place. And every one of us, God shall judge -

      "For whosoever would save his life, shall lose it; but he that shall lose his life for my sake, shall save it." -- Luke 9:24


    7. I am a non-violent ex-felon, Army vet. I am getting a crossbow to enable me to aquire a working rifle when SHTF. Then I intend to find a local group to join. I'm in Utah, and most of the Mormons here will NOT FIGHT. They will surrender at the outset. I will, if necessary make my way to Idaho, and find a group there.
      Of course gaining my initial weapon will be a task, but the Police will provide....

    8. David: Email us: K@IIIPercent.com

  2. You're likely to catch up with that buck considering he's a Whitetail. They tend to be homebodies while Muleys like to range.
    Man that's gorgeous country there!

  3. "Man that's gorgeous country there!"

    The pic doesn't do it justice. I get to drink my tea looking out at that beauty every morning, it's a real heartbreaker, lol.

    We have Muleys too, not as many as out on the high desert, but they're here.

    Miss Violet

  4. All I have is muleys here. No whitetails on this side of the Cascades. Two does had their fawns on my property again this year. One single and a set of twins. Then there is a herd of two dozen or so that come through in the early evening for water, alfalfa and various mineral blocks. The bucks are split off anf come at night and hit the selenium block mostly. Must be good for antler growth.

    I had numerous up close and personal engagements with whitetails in the DC area, especially Gaithersburg. Something of an infestatation back in the 90s. Was it still bad when you left K?

    1. Infestation is the right word. We were just down the street from NIST - completely fenced, and they had at least three vibrant herds roaming their complex. Driving anywhere ran the risk of hitting - or being hit by - the tasty buggers.

    2. Heh, Meade has had the same problem for decades. Herds which have it way too easy, and grow too large. Not even bow hunting is allowed to control them - Their only natural enemy in the MDC area is the automobilius domesticus...


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