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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Time to repeal 2A

David S. Cohen gets credit for the revival of the Enemy of Liberty list on the sidebar.  He is calling for an outright repeal of the Second Amendment.  We won't be taking it down again.

Item the First: None of the first ten amendments may be repealed.  They are beyond the repeal process because they are fundamental Natural Rights codified as part of the original ratification.  The preamble makes it clear that the first ten amendments are declaratory and restrictive.  But let's not get into what they may and may not do, because we all know the BoR has been gutted over the last 200 years.

Let's just make it clear that even putting forth the legislation to repeal 2A is casus belli and will result in immediate hostilities.  And the first people to face the wrath of real Americans for their treason against us?  The people who support such legislative attempts to deny fundamental Natural Rights.

Here's the piece.

The head of DHS is also now attempting to reach into the Gun Control debate and make it a matter of National Security.  Here.

I have said it time and again - these people want a war, they need a war.  

They are pushing for war.  They are moving to Contact...


  1. We might not even make it to November. :-(

    1. Alan that is a given at this point. I doubt we make it to the RNC/DNC's in July.

      The commies are making a huge push for gun control if not the full repeal of the 2nd Amendment.

      I predict there will be many more Orlando type events this Summer aimed at minorities, gays and other groups the commies are trying to court.

      I have seen reports of an 'Operation: Summer of Chaos' being referred to from the leader of BLM. Don't know the veracity of the report but it definitely seems possible that the commies will use violence to attain their goals.

    2. "it definitely seems possible that the commies will use violence to attain their goals."

      You bet it's "possible", TD, just like it's "possible" that the sun will rise tomorrow morning, and in the east, too.

      "They are pushing for war. They are moving to Contact..." That is their purpose, K, and they shall fulfill it.

      Even those who don't know what their purpose is, shall fulfill it.

      Because if they are good, then they cannot help but serve God; and if evil, then willingly or not, they shall serve the fallen one.

      And the gap between those two states is so fine, that nothing of this world may pass in between.



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