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Saturday, July 23, 2016

AP: Support for more 2A Violations

A new poll from AP suggests growing support for more 2A violations.

8 states ban 'Assault Weapons'.  Do you live in one of these states?

Kit-up while you are still able, folks.

If you are not permitted to purchase a III Arms complete rifle - there are work-arounds.

III Arms Company.


  1. That "AP Poll" is nothing but a seeping sack of brown drivel. It goes against nearly every other indicator and poll out there - which says that Americans are buying firearms at a record-breaking pace; including setting all-time records for first-time purchasers entering the market; and record numbers of new applications for Concealed-Carry permits in nearly all states which issues permits at all.

    It also goes directly against the incredibly low percentage of compliance by those owning "assault weapons", with the new and highly restrictive gun laws in NY and CT which came in the post-Sandy Hook period.

    Or, in other words, this "AP Poll" is a flagrant hit-piece, aimed at Low Information and Low IQ voters, for the express purpose of saucing Clinton's gun-grabbing goose for the November General Election.

    Remember, the dead can begin filling out their absentee ballots in just under 90 days. And Clinton is counting on that portion of her constituency to pull their (dead) weight.

    TREASON has a price...

    1. Hence, such 'Journalists' are targets of opportunity...

      They fall under the '...facilitate the infringement and violation of Natural & Constitutional Rights...'


    2. Treasonists and co-conspirators.

      5,000 determined men could get the entire massive pile of commie crap into self-deportation mode in about 30 days.
      It would double-plus ugly, but even more effective. Because I've never met a commie in Europe or America, who was willing to risk shedding a drop of their own blood for what they "believe in". Not a single one.
      They'll run like bunnies, if the dogs are ever set loose upon them. And that's as it should be...

    3. 5,000 in 30 days...

      ...and I still contend it wouldn't take more than a couple dozen serious Patriots more than a week or so to be the primer that gets the 5,000 moving. ;)

    4. We're in agreement on that...I'd say that 12 to 15 teams, each committed to delivering 3 to 5 direct actions in as many metros, within a single week, with a clear an unifying calling card left at the site of every action, to bind all the actions into a single indisputable platform, could catalyze a full on revolution.

      Of course, there would be counter-strikes by the more edgy of the leftists such as NBPP/BLM, the National Socialists America camp, and the even more obscure and radical wingnuts, but that would still be fuel on ***our*** fire.

      Because it's about controlling the narrative. And when you have multiple events, in multiple metros, each and every day for a week, all with the same calling card... well, baby, you OWN the narrative.

      It's ISIS's wet dream, but beyond their reach. It's not, however, beyond ours. We have the necessary numbers. We have the necessary skills. We have the requisite equipment. And we know the territory - it's ours. We grew up here, and it's our birthright.

      Commies deny the existence of birthrights.
      They violently deny them.
      That's what abortion is really about -
      denying our birthrights, and replacing them with a eugenics program to "perfect" mankind.

      Therefore, by their own position, they haven't got any birthrights. Fuggem!
      Let's give 'em exactly as much consideration as they give the unborn... NONE.

    5. Teams: Number of people in a Team? I contend that a 3-man Team is very good, a 2-man Team is sufficient (dependent on the 2 men) and a 4-man Team is just extra potential - great if you have that 4th man.

    6. It depends upon the type of the action. For some things, one guy can - and should - do it himself. For others, two or three are necessary. Sometimes four, but I'd say that beyond four people, you've planned something too problematic and complex, and your chances of success are just going down by adding more people to the mix, at that point.

      The saboteur is, by nature, a minimalist. He has to be able create large effects with minimal inputs. Anything he carries to fulfill his mission, he must be able to easily dispose of, and/or easily explain away.
      It is the same with all forms of sub rosa activity - minimalism is the pivot-point around which everything else must turn. Don't use three people, where two can accomplish the mission. Don't waste your time working out alternates to your backup target. Pick your primo target, plan your action carefully (but leaving room for the inevitable, unanticipated element of the moment) and make it happen.

      And remember, nothing is more contagious than success.

  2. Who are buying up all those weapons and ammo every time a Rat speaks ? Do they intend to hand over their new purchase ? An attack on one is an attack on all. Do the citizens have the fortitude to take it to Them when They attack just one citizen ?

    1. Sadly, the "an attack on one is an attack on all" philosophy has repeatedly been proven false, because we are a society of people more divided than united.

      And those who intend to remove 2A from our Constitution and our Culture are thereby given their way forward - they will not "come for our guns en-mass"... they are doing it by baby-steps - restricting one minuted bit of 2A at a time, in one state at a time; adding "mental health" and other caveats to the right of ownership, &etc.

      They know what they have to avoid, in order to keep succeeding with their efforts to prohibit and confiscate 2A, and we've made it easy for them to do so.

      If we really want to win, then we're going to have to stop playing by their rules...

  3. Anon - email me. I dare you.


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