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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Are you Outlaw enough for what is coming?

Thanks TS.
You will never be given permission to recover your Liberty.

There is no such permit available from your Masters.

Do you have what it takes to Go Hard?  Do you have the mettle and grit to walk your own path, regardless of the howling from lesser men who are frightened by your willingness to actually do more than talk from a keyboard?  Trust me - when you actually accomplish the goals you set, you scare the Faux Patriots who live in constant terror of having to one day actually live up to their rhetoric.

Not everyone is built to stand with John Parker.  

Even fewer men are built to be John Parker.

"If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen."


  1. Tactical assessment: NavyJack – Cleveland, a City in the Crosshairs - oathkeepers.org


    Having read this article, my belief is that
    the purpose of only denying march/rally permits
    to groups which support Trump, while opening the
    floodgates for (violent) anti-Trump forces is to
    deny outraged Americans access to the convention area to protest the GOP, after the treasonous theft of the nomination from Trump is complete.
    Unless those Trump supporters went armed, loaded for bear, and were truly prepared to fight there way into the area surrounding the convention.
    To do anything less, it would
    be impossible to for any Trump supporters to
    successfully bypass the already entrenched forces
    of treason who are permitted to march, rally and protest.
    Without question, it is premeditated, intentional, and has been authorized at the highest levels
    of treasonous shitbags in DC.

    cav med

    1. The author is affiliated with the honey pot Forward Observer and Mike Shell/Sam Culper. That means FedGov is in their wheelhouse.

      Trust nothing.

    2. Without question, I am not naive about
      oathkeepers and have more love for
      a virulent strain of herpes.
      However, unlike the usual drone-strike
      fear mongering of stewie and his minions,
      the denial of rally/march permits is
      verifiable and has been reported widely.
      It is from that perspective (along with ongoing interviews with Roger Stone regarding the matter) is my analytical basis of the article.

      cav med

    3. Agreed - it is a set-up for a series of riots, and just as elsewhere, people with FedGov connections are helping 'get the word out'. Remember, lil' Sammy Culper was at Malheur just a few days before LaVoy was murdered. Now, he and OKs are in lock-step regarding RNC.

      Our Masters want a fight, and they hope to pick it in Cleveland. Stay safe.

  2. Any individual, group, corporation, or government that attempts to take away your god given rights with force, KILL THEM.

    Burt, TX

  3. The tree of options is being viciously pruned - has been for the last 25 years. Soon, we will have only one option remaining - and most will be unwilling to go that route...

    It is an engineered failure of republicanism, designed to preserve the flimsy film of legitimacy which presently veils the oligarchy operating under the false pretense of legitimate government.

    They want to neutralize as many people as possible, by revoking any legitimate and effective options which said people might choose to employ. This is but one means of doing so.

    We will never get the equivalent of a BREXIT vote here. There will be no referendum on the legitimacy of the US Federal government. EVER. Because in their eyes they have already won... to them it is but a matter of consummation and consolidation; and they are, increasingly, going about said consummation and consolidation without even the pretense of a veil to cover their hatred and destructive intents from the infantile, gawking masses of the American sheeple whom they have successfully subjugated.

    Those who would resist have already been branded as outlaws and terrorists by the oligarchs and their paid mouthpieces; and such shall we be for the remainder of our days upon this earth.

    But, so be it. I neither need nor desire their imprimatur; nor does any man with a legitimate sense of moral decency and self-determination.

    "Render unto Caesar" includes neither my soul nor my consent... and they shall have neither.


  4. Talking about honey pot, disinformation douches, whatever happened to Yinglings rant against Malhuer?
    He guaranteed that it would end like Waco and cause the Patriot movement to dissolve.
    He staked his life and reputation on his prognostication and none of it happened.
    So just like Mikey, Stewie and Culper all the fearmongering about Delta force units and Apaches on station were once again psyops to keep real Patriots from supporting the OP.

    Seriously, when are Patriots going to wake up and quit listening to these pathetic, attention seeking douches that are so quick to make unsubstaniated statements because they want to be the one to take credit for it. The problem is their 'sources' are totally incompetent or they are just making shit up as they go. Either way their analytical skills suck dead donkey dick.


    1. Poor Yingling - all that Stupid in one person, AND the pathetic distinction as the only 'militia' still willing to deal with Daffy - because Daffy burned his militia bridges with that garbage 'SFC Barry'.

      The Pennsylvania militia has served this country well in history - one must wonder about them today if they look at Yingling as a 'leader'.

      This quote from 'Colonel Yingling' (No shit, he calls himself a Colonel): Ok ...Everybody... please gather around and listen to what I am about to say..Then either shut your mouth, or share this far and wide. If you have ANY faith in me as a leader you will heed what I am about to say. If not..I want nothing to do with you. simple as that.

      The only groups better represented in the 'Liberty Movement' than FedGov and White supremacists - Quislings and parasites and retards posing as military masterminds...

      Real Patriots are few and far between, sadly.

  5. Burt, TX, Damn skippy, buddy. Kill everyone of them.

  6. I think my assessment is still
    Yes, the "disinfo douches" abound
    and are working intimately with
    our "Masters" to facilitate the
    beginning of an all or nothing
    fight against the Republic, BOR,
    DOI, and rule of fair and impartial law.
    All of those things are the shell of the
    I maintain that kernal is to have the
    forces of treasonous cunts, communists
    and their quislings in place to prevent
    Trumps supporters, conservatives, and
    Republican voters from getting at the
    convention center and GOP
    shitbags after their prosperous treason
    of stealing the nomination.
    Honestly, the ranks of those insanely
    angry Ameicans who will want to
    rip those GOP scumbags apart will likely
    include Americans who suddenly decide, without forethought and premeditation, to
    turn out, turn up, and toe the line to fight
    until they drop.
    Without question, 99.999% of them
    will not be the putrid diarrhea of keyboard
    commandos, fedgov patriots and there payoffs
    of silver, and delusions of grandeur that call themselves "Colonel."
    That is heart of the animal they are
    grooming to unleash, not just simply
    precipitating a fight between the SJW's
    of the statists and their enemies.
    It is the statists helpnig the GOP/Republican
    side of the house, by pre-staging blocking
    forces to protect those (after the fact) who are going to perform the final act of 'murdering most foul,' uncorrupted, fair, honest elections and politics in our Republic.
    That action goes far beyond worrying
    about someone plotting mass public
    fights to keep the enslaved off-balance
    and continue the long term trickle of

    cav med

    1. Cav Med - Agreed, there is a glut of useful idiots out there, and among them are a sufficient number who are willing to go hard to make either a Trump win, or an anti-Trump coup on the convention floor, into a major blood-letting in the streets outside. Either way, they will engage in the ultraviolence which is their primary characteristic.

      Civility, as the foundation of a pluralistic civil society (such as we once had), is dead. Poisoned with generational stupidity, and far beyond saving - it's bloated lifeless form stinking to high heavens. And yet there are still those, expecting to hide beneath it's corpse for their safety - and are they in for a nasty surprise, or what?

      As for the posers, Judas club members, and other various obsessive/compulsive guv-bait who call themselves III%ers - I'm not too concerned, personally. But then again, over the last decade I have been consistently working to develop a network of people personally known to me, whom I have spent enough time with, such that I have a solid read on who they are and what they're good for (or not).

      The movement will mostly suffer because of those who are late to the game, and not having such a network, will be forced to make snap decisions regarding who to trust, and they will quite likely suffer for their lack of preparation. But, the situation is what it is; which varies from place to place and group to group.

      As for any of the Judas Club who may try to infiltrate our group - we've got a hanging tree just for them; and there's a pig farm just up the road, which gives a whole new meaning to the term 'corpus delecti'...


  7. I found these articles soon after
    my previous comment: thegatewaypundit.com/2016/07/ted-cruz-romney-kasich-still-hoping-nevertrumpers-will-steal-nomination-trump-rnc/


    Cav Med

  8. Cav Med,

    I concur with your threat assesment. I have been keeping tabs on the SJWs especially here in the NW. They are willing to to do their masters biďding and will create the chaos needed for the plan the globalists have in mind.


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