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Friday, July 29, 2016

III Logo Combat Knife

Cold Steel GI - Branded with the III Percent Logo.

If and when you choose to leave the porch and Go Hard, make certain they know which team you played for when they clear the rubble from your corpse.  They may hit you in the face with a load of C4 - but fugg'em - Liberty or Death.

Team Liberty.

Here's the link.


  1. When will this knife be avaiable

    1. Available now. Ships next business day.

  2. Pretty. I think I might have to have one of those.
    Miss Violet

  3. The Cold Steel GI is an excellent working knife. The spine of this blade is thicker than most - plenty strong enough to endure repetitive hard work without bending or developing stress-cracks, and the edge holds better than most - they obviously pay a high degree of attention to the tempering process used on these blades.

    Also, the chisel-point has certain advantages in penetrating soft body armor, when properly applied to the problem.

    I highly recommend this blade for doing real business. And, having the III Logo on it just sweetens the deal...


    1. I've owned GI's for years and always have a few around, attached to Go Bags, for the reasons you state. They are inexpensive, full-tang work horses that can be used for the full spectrum of chores one might find while operating from campsite to Liberty fight.

      The handle is now in its third iteration (it began with a paracord-wrap) - and this one feels great in the hand.

      And you are right again about hardness, heat treatment, et cetera. Cold Steel is leading the industry for 'off the shelf' blades that are hardcore - 1055 spring-tempered in this case. These blades eat tooling in the CNC...


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