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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Tactical Analysis: Dallas

Let's take the current storyline at face value: Micah Johnson was the only shooter. 

We do not know if Johnson went into action with an E&E plan or not.  If he did, it failed when he was cornered.  If not, then he went in with the understanding he was not going home again.

Until there is tangible evidence to the contrary, we'll go with it.

It is 525 feet from Lamar to Market and about 515 from Commerce to Elm.  The classic 'City Block'.  

A former soldier demonstrated proficiency with his weapon - he hit what he aimed to hit.  He demonstrated discipline and focus, in that he did not put rounds into civilians deliberately or while firing wildly.  He shot 11 LEO and killed at least 5 - that's a better than average wounded/kill ratio - 2:1.  If one looks at the score card objectively, one vet wiped the floor with Dallas PD.  He demonstrated that the definition of 'Soft Targets' must be expanded beyond shopping malls and movie theatres to include even major metro LEO shops.

If you were paying attention to the live streams, you noted how DPD deployed - primarily at intersections for a perimeter, where they huddled behind their cars.  You noted how many in uniform were in fit physical condition - and how many would have stroked out during a 100-yard dash.  You also noted how few, relatively speaking, were armed with long guns.

Had Johnson been operating with even a single ally of equal skills, it is likely they would have doubled the body count and cleared the AO.  

Had there been two Buddy Teams, four men total, the second able to Flank & Spank (TM), DPD would not have known what hit them.

Had there been a dozen shooters equal to Johnson's skill set, broken into 3-Man or 4-Man Fire Teams, DPD would have lost every man on the shift who didn't break and run...

Micah Johnson took the position that America has become a Police State and he decided to take direct action against those who directly enforce the diktats coming from on-high.  

Whether you agree with him or not is irrelevant.  It is what it is.

As every college professor warns his students: You will see this again.

Welcome to RevWarIII.


  1. Watch, download, save, before it
    is deleted: youtube.com/watch?v=tpb-mtjN9q8

    Cav Med

  2. The hit to kill ratio had a lot to do with his choice of rifle, an SKS. The 7.62x39 is a deadly round. Had he gone with an AR the number killed would have been a lot less. Amazing what a 75 year old design can do.

  3. If there is a will, often, there is a way. Kill all police, judges, and DA'S. Burt TX

    1. Pump the brakes a bit, Burt. No sense having a Fed Team surprise you at home for 'advocating violence' - you won't get away with it the way the AADL folks do...

    2. I ain't pumpin the brakes for no motherfucker. I am the natural living man and I will speak my fucking conscience. I am not afraid of no man or state. Kill them all. Burt, TX

    3. Fair enough. Since I won't get the same latitude AADL does either, just know that if a comment doesn't make it through it is because I have held it. Knowing who is on the Naughty & Nice list is one thing - calling for direct action in the blogosphere is another.

  4. I believe it had a lot to
    do with the range.
    The location in the video
    I linked is approximately
    25-50 feet to the right
    of the intersection where
    the other police officers were
    Not to be an annoying contrary,
    but in this instance his range
    from them was also extremely significant.
    If you watch closely, after he engages
    and kill officer behind the pillar, he is
    eventually driven to the opposite corner
    of the building and turns left.
    He continues weaving in and out of the pillars
    and again turns left at the next corner of
    the same building.
    He must have proceeded directly parallel to
    the intersection he ambushed, with only the
    width of the building between himself and
    his initial point of attack, given that
    the parking garage he went to ground in
    is directly across the street from where
    he is attacking in this video, which is directly
    opposite of that same intersection.

    Cav Med

  5. "Sniper" is a bit of an exageration. None of the shots was even a hundred yards. Many were at or less than 25 yards, and the shooter did not employ much in the way of cover or concealment tactics, neither did he use elevation to establish a temporary stronghold from which to operate.
    On the other hand, from my summary analysis of the very incomplete video sources, it appears thst he reloaded his SKS at least twice while actively engaged, which certainly demonstrates a level of proficiency with this specific rifle, as an SKS does not use detachable magazines - rather, it is reloaded via "strip clips" which feed the rounds into a non-removable magazine.
    Quickly and efficiently reloading with such strip-clips is a far more dexterity- and concentration-intensive operation than the more common detachable box type magazines most people are familiar with. So to me that is item 1 for the take-Away list.

    And item 2 is that, while this wasn't "sniper" grade work, he certainly wasn't a rank amateur either. He was a soldier, and that shows in how he handled himself under fire.
    And I will dare to say it - under very different circumstances, his well controlled and effective fire and movement could have been commendation-worthy - I.e. if he were covering the withdrawal of an outgunned maneuver element, or the evacuation of wounded.

    So, my three main take-aways - do with them as you please:

    Item 1 - training is more important than super tacticool hardware. Make the best of what you have and are proficient in using. Making yourself better is *always* an option.

    Item 2 - determination plus a moderate amount of levelheaded discipline under fire, makes for a very effective rifleman, even when he is outnumbered and outgunned. Ignore this fact at your own peril.

    Item 3 - The Blue Gang ought to be waking up to the fact that their protective vests will not stop rifle rounds, even from a moderate-velocity cartridge, such as the 7.62X39 COMBLOK.

    7.62X51 NATO rounds have another 600 to 800 fps over the SKS, and would have rendered 90% of their patrol cars' area worthless as "cover". Had he used a rifle chambered for 7.62X51, I strongly suspect that the casualty count would have been substantially higher, holding the number of rounds fired as a constant. Bigger *is* better in this universe.

    I expect that other insrances of such "direct politics" will be manifest in the coming weeks. This is the leading edge, of a wave whose magnitude has yet to be measured.

    Class is never out of session, for those intent upon ensuring their survival, and the survival of their families.
    Class is also always in session for those contemplating such acts of violent politics - the methods and tactics will evolve here, just as they would anywhere else, in the ramp-up phase of violent insurrection...

    Regardless which 'side' of this equation you find yourself on, the natural law remains the same - he who learns faster than his opponent, is likely to outlive his opponent...
    And if you don't like the rules of the game, staying home is always an option... right up to the moment when someone brings the game to your front door. Personally, I'd rather fight a gun battle *anywhere* but in my own home.... which implies (for me at least) that being 'in the game' is the only way to win, both morally and tactically.


  6. What alerts Johnson of the officer
    to his rear is that he fires and
    At 38 seconds, you can see a round
    strike the ground in front of
    Johnson, it impacts a few inches
    to the left forward of the next pillar
    in front of Johnson's position. It
    is the first pillar past the double doors.
    Immediately after that, not only does
    he begin to wheel around, he has the
    presence of mind and composure to proceed all the way over the right side of the SUV before completes his turn to engage.
    That move guaranteed that his opponent
    would not be able to engage him without fully
    exposing himself on that side of the pillar.
    Furthermore, as he proceeds directly to that
    point he fires one shot, when the officer peaks
    out from that position and forces him back to
    And as is easily seen, he fakes right
    and continues firing to keep the officer pinned
    down, and continuing to fire as he sweeps around
    the pillar and the obvious outcome.
    It made no difference that
    the officer had no idea his opponent had
    faked right.
    At that moment, the outcome was inevitable
    for the police officer.
    Lest anyone forget, Johnson and the officer
    were literally having a rifle duel face to face.
    Without question, it was most certainly a result of the officer not being offensively aggressive,
    once he made his opponent aware of his presence,
    by shooting at him and missing.
    Once again, I find the police training,
    or lack thereof, of how to tactically engage
    astounding. Especially given that if they
    ever find themselves seriously engaged in an
    urban environment, its going to be a very bad
    day for them.
    And as is thoroughly known from the last
    century, urban warfare is one of the most
    unforgiving and difficult arenas to fight in.

    Cav Med

    1. Urban areas are infantry sponges, demanding more men per square kilometer than any other type of warfare, by an order of magnitude.
      And it is a sponge that never runs dry of blood...
      To call it "Unforgiving", is a profound understatement.

    2. Wow, Shakespeare, you
      are a grammatical genius.
      Go fuck a duck, you LazyBoy General.

  7. Shit, after watching it again,
    you can see Johnson at 1:38, calmly
    hiding behind a pillar as responding
    police literally drive right up to his
    position and fail to see him.
    He waits until a number of police cars
    turn left and directly onto the street
    where the fight took place.
    Once all the cars have turned, he proceeds
    forward, turns left at next corner of the
    building and proceeds in that direction.

    Cav Med

  8. LT, actually Tapco makes a 30 round mag for the SKS. You just remove the silly hinged stock 10 round mag and use the duck billed mag to replace it. No stripper clips are required.

    He had many other rifles at his house, why did he choose an SKS? Even the crappiest AK is superior to an SKS.

    Had he used an AR-10 or HK-91 or other 7.62x51 variant it would have been a lot worse. But even so any intermediate rifle round will go through car doors, fenders, etc.... The only cover from a car is the engine block and maybe the rear axle.

    1. http://tacmedaustralia.com.au/why-id-rather-be-shot-with-an-ak47-than-an-m4/

      Don't under rate the 5.56 either. If in doubt about the viability of the 5.56, read the above article.
      But the 7.62x51 trumps them both.
      As LT mentioned above in his item #1. training is very important.

  9. Brock posted this bombshell today:

    Apparently the Dallas PD are a heartbeat
    away from internecine and fratricidal war.

    Cav Med

  10. The clock is now running at real-time. OpFor will adapt to the threats with modified tactics - such as using drones and C-4 to take out 'Extremists' and rocking more .mil gear - and they will have the force of law (and considerable public support) on their side.

  11. The hits just keep coming: wfaa.com/mb/news/reports-dpd-under-lockdown-swat-deployed-following-serious-threat/268431154
    The gears on that clock must be cherry red
    right now.

    Cav Med

  12. I would suggest everyone buy more ammo ASAP.

    When the political/bureaucratic Masters decide to move big, their first move will be to shut down ammo. It won't take more than an Executive Order and all the major players will comply, including retailers who take inventory of their shelves.

  13. More mags also. Can't be without several spares :)

  14. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/07/09/chaos-in-baton-rouge-the-new-black-panthers-are-here/

  15. This twitter feed is updating almost
    every few minutes.


  16. You should really check
    the twitter feed ASAP.
    Baton Rouge PD and LEO
    backing them up are being
    extremely heavy-handed,
    at the same level, and sometimes
    greater than, as they were in
    Ferguson right out the gate.
    And for you trolls and provocateurs,
    its not a skin thing, its a jackbooted
    police state brutality thing.
    When they finish up the so-called
    "black thugs" you always claim
    are criminals (with no grievences)
    getting what they deserve.
    Who do you think is next on the
    list to catch a beatdown supreme?

  17. Another live feed: rr.com/usa/350069-dallas-police-killed-protest/

  18. Tune in now: MN, live video, freeway in Minnesota. An extremely tense standoff.

  19. Disregard the last link.
    I found a better feed from MN,
    and the person streaming
    is down on highway.


  20. Soros commie puppet agitator, Deray mckesson was just arrested in Baton Rouge.

  21. We need more of this
    Burt, TX

  22. http://roadnow.com/i94/gmap.php?la=42.6303909123599&ln=-82.8500461578369&hname=I-94+MI+exit+240%2C+Westbound&zoom=15

    1. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Woodbury,+MN/@44.9512548,-93.1366563,467m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x87f7d9e9949d95ab:0x8baf04fda71d8c10!8m2!3d44.9238552!4d-92.9593797

  23. Another twitter feed: mobile.twitter.com/DocThompsonShow?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

    This one is another ASAP check.
    There is literally shit breaking out
    and ongoing, including reports of
    shots fired at police in Houston and San Antonio.

  24. Literally shit breaking out
    coast to coast.
    My windows are open for the
    cool night air and there is no noise
    on the wind.
    My AO is never annoyingly noisy,
    but its soundless out there tomight.
    I actually don't hear any of the routine
    background noise that's present even
    late at night.
    If I was on a patrol, my sphincter would
    be on super pucker right now!

  25. Some protestors forced from I-94
    are regrouping at a nearby Circle K.

  26. Things are getting off to an
    early start.
    From the gateway pundit: Shots
    fired at Chicago PD. Shooters
    are barricaded in building.

    Another devent Twitter page that
    reported on Chicago last night.

    Cav Med

  27. San Antonio PD had shots fired at it.


  28. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/off-duty-cop-missouri-kills-home-invader-argument-black-lives-matter/


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