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Friday, July 29, 2016

We simply can't allow Citizens of India to buy Air Conditioners

A thousand words to get to the simple point: Impose a carbon tax.

That's what all the talk has been about in recent weeks regarding air conditioners.  

I'll save you from the article.  The writer takes the position that 3rd world countries are becoming wealthier, and the citizens of those countries will buy more air conditioners, increasing our carbon footprint and bringing the world to an ozone-depleted end as we all roast in our own juices.

His fix: Impose a carbon tax.

This is just one more run at the desire by those who mean to be masters to impose a tax upon the cornerstone of all life on Earth.  In America you are taxed for living (Obamacare) and dying (Death tax).  Now these people want to tax your fundamental chemicals, and spread that love across the world.

Here's the piece.

Never forget that topics such as 2A and the Carbon Tax are generational and incremental for the Marxists of the world.  Each new wave of politicians and bureaucrats move ever-forward in their pursuits, handing the batons to their replacements as their individual careers wind down.

Extirpation is the answer.


  1. Don't forget we need to add the collabrative, commie 'scientists' that push global warming/climate change to the extirpation list.

    These assholes do not follow the the scientific method to form a thesis. They started with their desired end result and constantly change their facts to support their theories. How can they look at such a small data set, being 40 years or so of recorded history, and conclude that man is responsible for certain outliers?

    LT can probably better explain this.

    1. These assholes do not follow the the scientific method to form a thesis. They started with their desired end result and constantly change their facts to support their theories.

      Ha! I guess the folks at Daffy's Bunker and Welfare Lane can now add 'Scientist' to their resumes.

      Start with a conclusion, then make shit up to support that conclusion. Facts? We don't need no stinkin' facts they'd just get in the way of reality.' ;)

  2. Don't forget Yosemite Sam Culpers brilliant analysis of the ambush of LaVoy Finicum. 'Legal felony stop', 'justified shooting'.
    Sorry but the four HRT agents may be indicted for their firing on a suspect that was trying to surrender.
    And just like the cartoon version of Yosemite Sam, Culper shoots from the hip without regard to the facts or consequences.

  3. Heh, Culper indicted himself with the 'legal felony stop' statement, for sure.

    First, there's the issue of the vehicles being fired upon at the initial stop-point. We've heard no official explanation for who, how, or why that happened... but it's obvious to anyone who's operated downrange.

    It wasn't a felony stop - it was an ambush, as I stated the very day that I watched the video.
    The fact that they set the final road block up just around a curve is just one clear bit of proof - because if they really wanted him to give up, that road block would have been clearly visible on a straight-run of road, giving the driver time to mentally accept that he was bagged, and bring the vehicle to a safe stop. This is standard operational policy for police to end a high-speed chase - HIGH VISIBILITY of as many officers as possible; demonstrate overwhelming presence; create every impression that there is no escape, and that surrender is the only option. But, going completely against 'the book', they did none of this.

    Instead, they concealed the size of their force (at the initial stop), undertaking the initial stop with no apparent obstruction in the road ahead; and they let this appearance of an "open road" run long enough that Lavoy was confident in taking his vehicle up to a high rate of speed. Too high to be able to stop when he reached the second, concealed road block.

    And further, the cat's already pretty well out of the bag that the "9mm pistol" Lavoy was allegedly carrying was a plant by one of the HRT guys, to -justify- the shooting.

    Notice how we've seen nothing about that alleged gun except for their rapid declaration that it was "in his pocket".

    So I ask, "What was the make, model, and serial number of this imaginary 9mm pistol? Who was it originally sold to, where was it sold, and on what date? If Lavoy wasn't the original purchaser, then how did it allegedly come into his possession, and into "his pocket" on the fateful day in question?
    Because the 'Bound Book' of an FFL is rather hard to fake, and that "9mm pistol" - if it exists at all - had to come from somewhere, and there is a paper trail of it's movement through the BATF-regulated system, ultimately to a specific gun store, and thence to a specific purchaser. They've had plenty of time to do the leg work and establish how Lavoy came into possession of that firearm, if in fact he was in possession of it prior to his death.

    But we've heard none of that... which in today's reality means that it wouldn't substantiate their case.

    In military parlance, the ambush and takedown of Lavoy and his vehicle is called a "Firesack" - an ambush where you purposefully goad the ambushee(s) into a single choice of action - to push further into the ambush, towards their deaths; by making such course appear as though it offers them their only chance of escape and survival.

    Plain on it's face - they had no intention of allowing Lavoy to live. The entire episode was engineered to preclude any such possibility.
    Had the second vehicle, with the Bundy's, also pulled away from the initial stop, they too would have been murdered in the firesack which was laid for them; several miles up the road.
    And I honestly believe that it *WAS INTENDED* to kill the Bundys as well as Lavoy.

    The intention was to make an 'example' of them all...



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