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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Will the West survive the Century? Magic Eightball says...

In each of the past four years, non-Hispanic white Americans have registered more deaths than births.

And the overwhelming number of those births have been to White Trash, Marxists, Quislings and Parasites.  

If you believe in the ideals articulated within the DoI and BoR, you'd better be looking hard at your neighbors and family and doing some ruthless calculations.  Who in your AO shares your ideals, and who works against those ideals - directly or indirectly?

If you are not prepping to extirpate those people from CONUS, you are part of the problem.

Once they are gone, the rest is simple:

- Prevent a repeat performance by Enemies of Liberty.

- Embrace monogamy.

- Respect your marital oath (Choose wisely...)

- Breed like rabbits.

Here's the piece.


  1. But, but but...

    Funny how those awful 'conservative values' aren't so awful after all; when viewed in the light of preserving your civilization.

    Be monogamous, be faithful, have a large family (so loose the birth control), do right by them in every way possible, and do your very best to pass on your knowledge, beliefs, and heritage - because the alternative is the death of everything you believe in...

    Now where have I read such things before?

    Oh, right, there in that crusty old book that "we don't need anymore" now that we're oh, so mature, and progressive, and all that.

    Heh. Reality comes to call, in yet another way.


  2. My prepping goes on( limited as it is-by income)and those in my current AO are total Pacifists. They will do nothing- like obedient Sheep. This is why I am trying to connect with others like us. David at:


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