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Saturday, August 13, 2016

AP is rabidly #NeverTrump

Watching 'The Establishment' work in unison to destroy Donald Trump is a fascinating journey.  I have never seen such breadth and depth of 'weapons free' behavior from so many corners of society, many of which like to pretend they are non-partisan or at least above such ugliness.

Here's the summary graf from a larger AP piece running this morning:


ALTOONA, Pa. (AP) - The Republican Party could be nearing a breaking point with Donald Trump. As he skips from one gaffe to the next, GOP leaders in Washington and in the most competitive states have begun openly contemplating turning their backs on their party's presidential nominee to prevent what they fear will be wide-scale Republican losses on Election Day. Back in 1996, the party largely gave up on nominee Bob Dole once it became clear he had little chance of winning, so it's not without precedent.

Notice the declaratives?  Notice the gratuitous assertions?  Notice their goal 'GOP Breaking Point - Turn Backs on Trump'?  Notice they even offer wavering GOP pols and Useful Idiots a hook on which to hang their hats? "It has been done before, you won't be the first to walk away - Party Elders did it to Bob Dole, so you can do it to Trump"

There are two reasons I hope Donald Trump wins the presidency.

1) Every single policy and action HRC will take as President will be a direct and tangible assault on the notions of personal Liberty.  Full Stop.  She does not have one single position that will improve the status of Liberty in America.

2) Because I want to see Donald Trump gut every remaining 'Establishment' Republican - and as President, he'd have the chainsaw to do the deed.  This is something he'd do - because he understands loyalty, and payback.


  1. http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2016/08/13/double-shooting-queens/

    Imam, Another Man Killed In Double Shooting After Leaving Mosque In Queens

    The comments are priceless.

    cav med

  2. Nancy Pelosi is flooded with 'sick and obscene' phone calls after 'Russian' hacker posted House Democrats' private numbers

    Nancy Pelosi is flooded with 'sick and obscene' phone calls after 'Russian' hacker posted House Democrats' private numbers


    Once again, the comments are priceless.

    cav med

  3. So much focus on Trump/Hillary. So much focus on political nonsense. It's all a false reality. It's a false paradigm. The sole purpose of every single political function is to enslave the masses while keeping the illusion of power and control in the hands of the few masters. I understand that it's fashionable to talk this political nonsense, but the more it's talked about, analyzed, and spread, the more legitimacy this slavery is given. Why not focus on more important issues.For instance. The best way, hypothetically of course, to murder cops, judges, d.a's and anyone who believes that they have more rights and the use of force to exert these imaginary rights on the rest of us. It's just an idea, because talking Trump/Hillary only serves master. BURT, TX

    1. Burt: 'Killing' in self defense is morally acceptable - 'murder' is not. But we get your point.

      As to why bother on the political process: It is our moral and civic obligation to ride the political ship all the way onto the rocks, in my opinion. Too many people have died providing us peaceful mechanisms of redress to simply dismiss them. And, Second Amendment remedies are absolutely a legitimate extension of politics when we hit the rocks, as we have now.

      The 'practical' reason for voting is much more simple. Most Human Beings will default to self-preservation when stressed. Ideologues, the delusional and genuine heroes are the exceptions. (HRC is of the delusional sort - thinking she can't be touched by Justice)

      If we put the most pragmatic people in office, when they start to feel the heat and hear ropes being thrown over lamp posts along Main Street USA, they will behave in ways that will benefit Patriots as they seek to save their own arses. Their change in behavior will not save them from answering for their sins - but don't tell them until after they've ordered the MRAPs and SWAT Teams to stand down... ;)

    2. Pragmatists like Trump have a knack for 'circling the wagons' when SHTF - they assume a defensive posture; whereas ideologues such HRC imagine that such circumstances are the perfect time to go on the offensive, and consummate their demonic plans for destroying what remains of our society.

      So while I despise the proposition of choosing between a douche and a turd (thank you, Southpark) I have to agree - we are obliged to fulfill our civic and moral duty - to exercise the due process of electoral politics which is our birthright, even as we prepare to employ other, more forceful avenues of redress for the moment when they become necessary and appropriate.

      Remembering that, at some point after we festoon the lampposts of every populous place with the corpses of the corrupt and demonic, we will have to actually RESTORE our Republic... so the more functioning remnants of it there are, the less damage will have to be repaired in the aftermath.

      Local, Local, Local! definitely applies here.

      Your county Sheriff is a very important person - do whatever it takes to have the right man (or woman) in that position before SHTF. Mayors and County Commissioners are also important - those positions have more impact on your daily life than anything the nut-cases in Washington do.

      Also important are the County/City Registrars - who are responsible for maintaining the records of deeds and other important transactions applying to real property within the county, (and in many states) they also maintain the "Vital Statistics" such as official records of births, deaths, marriages, Voter Registrations, and so forth. You see how important having a trustworthy Registrar can be, in preventing voter fraud at the local level, yes?

      These are local elections, where your campaign efforts have the real potential to directly affect the outcome, so get out and do your part. As burdensome as it probably seems, you might even be morally obliged to run for one of these offices, if no one else of suitable character and background steps forward.

      At the local level, your mantra should be - Never, ever allow an amoral, crooked, thieving, miscreant to hold a political office for the inexcusably pathetic reason that "no one else wanted the job." ...even if that means that you have to run for office, and thus get stuck with the job nobody wants. Make it your first campaign promise - "I really don't want this resposibility any more than the rest of you folks do, but I'll do it for one term because I respect YOU - my community and my neighbors, and I'm willing to do my share; next time around, it can be someone else's turn."

    3. if we are going to talk about morals, then we need to stop supporting the constitution. It is IMMORAL. Treason and property being taken by force ? The entire system is another immoral control system. The Virginia declaration of rights was a better attempt, gaining insight from John Lockes trinity of life liberty and PRIVATE PROPERTY. NO ONE CAN HAVE LIBERTY WITHOUT PRIVATE PROPERTY. The constitution is a fraud and much more devious than say communism. At least communism has the balls to be up front with their immorality. Furthermore, I don't need anyone to tell me what my fucking RIGHTS are, they simply ARE. Just because you and a few others have your elected official pass some man made law, how does that give anyone the authority to apply that to another who has not consented ? IT DOES NOT. Saying that someone else has rights the rest of us do not is slavery. Furthermore, how can you give rights to someone you don't already have your self ? That would also make you a slave and it's down right ignorant, stupid and immoral. Voting willingly and with compassion is an act of violence.

      I explain.

      Do you have the right to rob your neighbor...? NO

      Do you have the right to hire someone to go rob your neighbor for you...? NO

      Then why is it ok to vote for someone, who hires someone, to go rob your damn neighbor...???

      The government is immoral. Politics that are not willingly consented to are immoral.

      What is this nonsense of CIVIC DUTY...? Would this be an extension of our culture ? Look at the word carefully, it's right in our faces. CULT.

      Here are a few videos which might inspire some rational, logical and moral thought. Pushing the lesser of two evils and the myth of civic duty is downright evil. BURT, TX





    4. Furthermore, you talk about birth, marriage and drivers license/certificates. Why do I need a license to get married ? Did George Washington ? I thought marriage was usually between 2 individuals and god. With a marriage license, it's between whoever the state says it does, the state and maybe god. As for a drivers license, this is the act of begging for the natural/god given right to travel. Why do a so called "free people" (chuckling at the thought) need to beg and then pay the state master to travel ? Do I really need to ask why we must pay the state for the privilege of a piece of paper that says that the flesh and blood individual that is shitting itself over there actually exists ???

      This nonsense about this important government register, blah, blah, blah, is you simply supporting our own enslavement. Individuals that want to be ruled by others and vote for the pleasure can if they want, but only those that consent.

      In response to K, it is SELF DEFENSE when you kill those who threaten you and then follow through. Nobody seems to blame the slaves that rose up and killed their masters. So why would that not apply today ?? If you are enslaved, killing those that have enslaved you might be the closest thing to a "civic" or moral duty in my book. Burt, TX

    5. In specific I said "keep public records of", not "issue licenses for" - big difference there, "Burt", so don't twist my damn words.

      And while you may think "no government is the best government" - many of us have come to the conclusion that *actual anarchy* of the type you propose is not s stable or maintainable state for society - it's just as im-fucking-possible as a "true communist state".

      And so YES, I advocate for a Constitutional Republic (at both the state and federal level) - with minimal power and held under STRICT LIMITATIONS, such as the original AOC, or the original Constitution + BoR.

      And yes, states should/do have the right to secede... but if the fed.guv was restrained to the actual Constitutional bounds, there'd be no reason for the people of any state to desire secession.

      Now, go do a little reading on the concept of "subsidiarity" before you come back and bloviate all over the carpet in here again, will ya please?

      Quiet One

    6. Let me know when the burdensome task of voting for evil resurrects your precious constitution. I can't even spell subsidiarity. Furthermore, you missed the whole point of records and licensees, Why do public records need to exists ? Seems like an excuse to create a government to push those little dandies around. If you want to be coddled with your precious registers, public documents, and getting hard on for voting, you should and do it with religious fervor. Just because you want to smear coconut pie all over your ass really should not mean that all of us that do not consent to the smearing coconut pie all over our ass should not be forced to at gun point. I'm hungry now. BURT, TX

    7. Subsidiarity, in brief, is the philosophy that power should be exercised no further from the source of said power than is require to achieve the desired outcome.

      So, for example, the road into your neighborhood needs potholes repaired. Someone would, ideally, go around the neighborhood and ask folks to pitch in, either financially or with their labor, to repair the potholes. No "county road maintenance fund" needed to pay for it, and no county employees needed to do the work.

      Those who contribute money pay for the load of asphalt, and maybe the rental for a small roller (if no one in the community has one). Those who contribute labor do the prep, spread the asphalt, and roll it. Job done.

      This is a simple example, but it clearly demonstrates that the authority, the money, and the labor were all local, local, local.

      Local authority - enough folks in the neighborhood agreed that the work needed to be done, so they chose to set about doing it. Others in the neighborhood had the right to say "No" without legal penalty, thus preserving their individual authority over themselves.

      Local resources - the neighbors produced from among themselves the money and labor necessary to get the job done.

      Local autonomy - they didn't have to ask the city, county, or state for permission, because it's their road, in their neighborhood. And they did it on their own schedule, too, because they didn't have to wait for some "Bureau of Roads" to come fix it, or to give them "permission" to fix it themselves.

      That, in a nutshell, is subsidiarity. Do things at the 'lowest possible level' of authority and government, sending up to the next higher level only those things which the current level is unable to deal with itself.

      Makes sense, right?

      And it applies just about universally - There are very few things which don't work under the subsidiarity model.

      Making war is one of those cases where you need a top-down plan, and a unified command structure to keep all the bases covered; but even in the military, subsidiarity has it's place.

      And it's not "my precious Constitution" Burt; even though I swore an Oath to support and defend the Constitution. Our constitution is equally the right and the burden of every American - the right to enjoy it's protections, and the burden to preserve it for the next generation(s).

      You're proving yourself to be more vile than intelligent, with comments such as the smearing pie on bungholes fetish.

      What? Are you 13 years old, and trying to prove how extra edgy you are?

      You're giving me the impression that you don't fit very well here - probably Instafap is more your speed...

      Quiet One

  4. Donald Trump Super Pac's latest Ad "The Difference"


    ps. Could you please add CC to your blogroll?

  5. Burt: You'll find most of us here are Constitutionalists, in principle even if we do not like the execution.

    Anarchy - 'lack of government' - is simply not a realistic notion until Man and mankind evolve well beyond where we exist today as a species.

    You'll probably find many who agree with you over at WRSA.

    1. They kicked me out of WRSA a LOOOONG time ago. I might SUBMIT to the original constitutional edicts, it would be an amazing improvement to our current condition, but this will not happen by continuing the process of political nonsense. We are not gonna vote away DHS, LIBER CODE, SOCIAL SECURITY, LICENSES, TAGS, NDAA, PATRIOT, EMERGENCY BANKING ACT, EPA, IRS, BATFE, ETC.... The current system is a casino and the house invites you to pull on every slot to AFFECT CHANGE. The only way to get back to this precious constitution, is to burn it all down first. Everything until then is slavery and Pseudologia fantastica. BURT,TX

    2. No, Burt, I agree - we're definitely not 'voting our way out of this'.
      Not no way.
      Not no how.

      But while I'm just as fond of the "no government" CONCEPT as you are - I honestly don't believe that it can be achieved, human nature being what it is -

      Because government didn't create people like the Clintons, the Rockefellers, or the Bill Gates's of the world... THOSE KIND OF PEOPLE CREATED THE GOVERNMENTS. And evil, greedy, manipulating people like that will *ALWAYS* exist; so there has to be a common framework to legitimately and systematically constrain their lust for power.

      And, while our Constitution isn't perfect - it's a foundation which we can at least go back to... because the majority of people grasp, at least at some very simple level, that our Constitution was intended to restrain the government, not the people.

      It's a far easier 'sales job' to get folks on board with a return to Constitutional Government, than to get them on board with either "No Government", or "Start from Scratch".

      And if the principle concept is to have people take responsibility for themselves, and in return have their expectation fulfilled that the government will not stick it's nose in their business, then you've gotta get at least a simple majority of people to go along with that, or it's a non-starter...

      Sooner or later, you gotta get a majority to buy into something - something that they're willing to let go of their normalcy bias for, and take a big chance on. Because Normalcy Bias is THE hurdle for 99% of people. I.E. "if I just keep doing what I've always done, then I'll continue to get what I've always gotten". And they'll fight tooth and nail against any proposition to the contrary, no mater how real and truthful said proposition might be.

      A majority of the current crop of Americans would freak out if you took away their facebook... so imagine the drama if you took away their government...

      Given all this, I'm willing to make a well-reasoned compromise, and put my skin in the game for Restoration of our Constitution government **at both the State and Federal levels** - because as you say, that would be a profound improvement over what we have now.
      I believe that a true Restoration of our Constitutional governments, has at least a fighting chance,
      whereas I cannot say the same for Anarchy, or any 'Start-from Scratch" approach.

      There's an old saying - "wish in one bucket, and sh^t in another... and see which one fills up first." Well, I've been wishing for anarchy since I was about 13 years old, and that 'bucket' weighs no more today than it did 40 years ago. The statist bucket, on the other hand, has been overflowing with sh^t for as long as I've been aware enough to notice... and even though we vote on whether to replace the 'bucket' ever few years, there never seems to be less sh^t to deal with.

      I've had the same back-and-forth with many folks over the years, and it *always* comes down to the challenge of answering ONE PAINFUL QUESTION - "What is the best we can hope to accomplish, accepting that human nature is what it is, and cannot be changed by any amount of human effort?"

      Those who have known me for any length of time, know that I'm dead serious, and hold no reservation when I say I'll put all my chips in the pot for Restoration of our Constitutional Governments (both State and Federal). Because I absolutely believe 100%, that such an outcome is the highest, best good, for the vast majority of the people in America, which might ever actually be achieved. Period.

      Be well,

  6. RE: WRSA - both God and Government (in any/whatever form) are optional at Pete's place. His simple aim is to have as many folks in the 'rebellion tent' as possible.

    But the problems with a Rainbow Coalition, such as that attitude invariably creates, shall be as manifold for the Right, as they are for the Left...

    The big-tent approach essentially guarantees infighting right up until SHTF, and a Night of the Long Knives if the rebels ever find themselves close to obtaining power.

    Go freshen up on your Russian Revolution history, paying particular attention to how it worked out for the (moderate socialist) Menscheviks, once the revolution had killed the Tzar and established a basic grip on the organs of power - the purge of the Menscheviks lasted over a decade, and as Lenin himself stated,
    "This (adaptability)characteristic of the Mensheviks must be kept in mind and taken into account. And taking it into account means purging the Party of approximately ninety-nine out of every hundred Mensheviks who joined the Russian Communist Party after 1918, i.e., when the victory of the Bolsheviks first became probable, and then certain."

    Got that? the Bolsheviks - the most radical of the anti-Tzarist factions - in securing power, immediately and ruthlessly went after the Menscheviks, who were the second most radical group of the anti-Tzarist coalition in conducting the revolution, and purged damn near ALL of them.

    And "purged" doesn't mean "kicked out of the Communist party", either - it means murdered; killed without due process of law, for nothing more than 'political differences'.

    All I can say about this, is that it reminds me of the muslim jihadists - when there are no more Jews or Christians to kill, they start killing other muslims for "not being good enough muslims".

    The Lenin quote is directly from - https://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1921/sep/20.htm
    just in case you're inclined to doubt the quote.

    Please don't take this as a statement against Pete - he acts far more as a moderator, and far less as a thought leader - leaving his blog open to comments by dang near everyone. And I can't count the number of times I've seen his generosity in that regard abused...

    I'm just saying that WRSA is definitely an 'adult swim' - no water wings and no calling a time-out are permitted. Certainly, such an environment can be fun, if you go in with the proper understanding that 'there are no rules in love, or in war'.

    1. If you don't understand
      the 'WHY" of free and unrestricted
      speech, you don't understand
      freedom, especially the basis and of
      concept Jeffersonian freedom.

      cav med

    2. Oh, I get the WHY of free speech...

      It's as much about identifying my enemies as it is about communicating with my allies.

      it doesnt get much simpler than that does it?

      But do you get my point about Rainbow Coalitions?
      First, because that's what the commies have forged to take down America...
      and second, because if 'patriots' go the same route, then were going to run into the same problem - i.e. coalitions of convenience rarely survive their first real mission, and generally produce more 'friendly fire' than any other kind of results.

      #BlackLiesMatter is a perfect example

  7. Got that? the Bolsheviks - the most radical of the anti-Tzarist factions - in securing power, immediately and ruthlessly went after the Menscheviks, who were the second most radical group of the anti-Tzarist coalition in conducting the revolution, and purged damn near ALL of them.

    Those who forget history...

    And those who never bothered to study, simply don't know what they don't know. They will be squashed by a bus, and they don't even know which way to look for it - hell, they don't even know the bus exists.

    Our gene pool does need a good bleaching.

    1. In regards to "purged" meaning that
      Bolsheviks ruthlessly killed and slaughtered
      Mensheviks, and then promptly ditched and mass graved the bodies, along with any and
      all opposition is well known to me.
      Its a fact that I knew of, and read about, long before I accessed any Patriot blog online,
      and long before any of those blogs even existed.
      And I certainly don't need to be lectured
      about what you believe I don't know, or that I don't read works of historical substance.
      The censoring of the dissent, disagreement
      and beliefs of an adversary or enemy
      is a losing strategy, and in the grand scheme
      it is cyclically destructive.
      If the Patroit community has revealed
      amything, it is the tendency of the dishonest,
      criminal, petty, intellectually dishonest, and dictatorial power hungry shitbags to fill its
      And, without question, their weapon of choice is censorship of dissent and disagreement.
      Almost always, its those they claim to share
      the same fight and 'foxhole' with.

      cav med.

    2. Cav Medic, I wasn't lecturing you, and I do agree about censorship and it's consequences... but really, it boils down to a question of timing - do you want the "friendly fire" going on now (as it definitely already is) via the "free speech" standard, or would you prefer to keep a lid on it until we're actually engaged fighting our mutual enemy.

      To me, either is unacceptable. But then again, most folks can't agree to disagree on some things, and yet still remain allies against a common enemy - which I would count as our critical weakness as 'Patriots'.

      Time and circumstances shall test us;
      until then we remain untested.


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