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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Big Brother has been here for a while...

So, Charm City is under 24/7 surveillance by Big Brother.

Do you think this is new or that Baltimore was first?

I told you several years ago DC was under real-time eyes.  Remember this story?

If you still believe it is simple chaos ruining America, I challenge you to think bigger. America is under coordinated attack from Marxists and Tyrants, who have very definite plans for you and me.

We will not like those plans.

If we do not act soon, the window of opportunity for thwarting those plans will be gone forever.

It is what it is.  Whether you believe it or not is not relevant.  Bad People mean to do Bad Things.


  1. Through a PRISM, Darkly - Everything we know about NSA spying


    2 in the chest, 1 in the head. BURT, TX

  2. Bad people always mean to do bad things... that's why they're bad people.

    "By their fruits shall ye know them", remember?

    Well the fruit is as ripe as it's ever going to be... in fact, it's already rotting on the vine. THAT'S WHY they've been working with such incredible urgency since 2012 to corrupt, weaken, misinform, and divide the populace; destroy the $USD, Euro, and other currencies, decimate our economies, and escalate global military tensions to the point of global war.

    Because war, economic collapse, and total chaos is their exit strategy now that they have looted our stock markets, governments, and every other repository of wealth they could manipulate their way into gaining control over.

    This was ALWAYS their exit strategy. Their ONLY exit strategy. Period.

    And for those who say, "they would never do that, too many people would die under such circumstances" - ask yourself this, with painful honesty: "If they really actually cared about the lives and/or deaths of average citizens, then at what point in their scheme would they have decided that "enough is enough" and called it quits?"

    The honest answer is that there has been no point at which they would ever have been satisfied and ceased expanding their evil. The ONLY POINT at which they will be satisfied is when they have gained control over 99.9% of everything and everyone, bled us and our societies utterly dry, and cast us off as garbage. And that includes the billions of human lives which they are willfully destroying around the world, right now, today.

    And if your own logical mind can't, using the abundant evidence plainly available, convince you that they absolutely don't care about the quality or length of your life in the slightest, well, they've taken care of that aspect too - they've TOLD US EXACTLY HOW MANY DEATHS THEY INTEND TO CAUSE. The very first "Guideline" on the Georgia Guidestones states - "Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature."


    500 Million people - that's just one half of one billion people, on the entire Earth. But the total global population today is somewhere above 7 Billion people, and growing each year. So by second grade arithmatic we can determine that they intend to reduce the world's population by somewhere between 6.5 and 6.75 Billion people.

    That's in excess of 6 billion, 500 million DEATHS which they "need" to achieve, to get the population "Under 500 Million"... and then they will have to hold it there, by whatever means are necessary.

    This is the very first directive, #1 on the Guidestones. There is no reason to believe that it made it to the head of the line by accident. And reading the rest of the "guidelines" makes it obvious that killing the vast majority of humanity *has* to come first, in order to make the rest of these "rules" attainable.

    Any questions?

    Because it doesn't get any more existential than this.



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