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Monday, August 22, 2016

HK - Clay Killer

Holly & Tribe went to the range over the weekend.  This was the first day she had ever fired a pistol.

She started with a Ruger 22/45 (.22 long rifle) and proved to be a natural.

She stepped quickly through a 9mm & .40 - finding the switch from SA to DA insignificant.

Then she put a III Arms 1911 in her hands.  After just 90 minutes shooting handguns, on her 3rd mag of .45 ACP through a 1911 - you have the video above.

The second clay took a hit right through the snot pocket. It died so fast it didn't have time to shatter.

Range: 7 yards.

For the record, she is left-eye dominant.

My thanks to our Tribe who helped her train.


  1. Congratulations Holly!

  2. Nice shooting Cowgirl. :)

  3. Why are Women always better shots?

  4. In the entirety of
    our Republic, there are
    zero Patriot leaders.
    Own it.

    cav med

    1. I won't argue your logic Cav Med, anyone that self proclaims themselves a Patriot leader is just an opportunist. Mostly random asshats with a blog.
      To make matters worse the Patriot Movement is infested with followers, yes men and sycophants.
      This is something to do between DWTS and Downton Abbey.

      I do not disagree with you one bit Cav Med.

    2. Agreed. I'm not certain there should be any 'Leaders', either. The label demands 'followers' - and I think that is a generally bad paradigm, at least in the beginning of hostilities. Leaderless Resistance and all that.

      There are, however, quite a few self-designated 'Patriot Leaders' - they pontificate, defecate and masturbate upon one another endlessly over CV versus CF, 'Moral High Ground', tactics, who is the best trainer, who is the biggest 'Patriot', race, anarchy and the different flavors of anarchy, and similar nonsense.

      One day another John Parker will stand up and defend the ground under his feet, and he will be joined by people who walk with him (not follow him) - and they will win or lose. If they win, then there will be 'followers' who enter the fray once the first step has been taken. And by default, that person will become a 'Leader'.

      Sadly, the 'Patriot Movement' has been Tea Party'd - murdered from within by Marxist infiltrators who work tirelessly to undermine real progress for Liberty. In Jefferson's day they were called Loyalists or Tories. Today's variety are merely parasites who work to ensure their meal tickets remain healthy enough to keep feeding them scraps.


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