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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

If you get the humor, you get it...

Be grim, glum and grumpy...
...for tomorrow you may live.

And on another topic entirely:

Only Jimi ever did it better...


  1. Brother I agree with you on most things, and don't get me wrong I like DMB, but their version of Watchtower was horrible! :P Just my opinion of course, all tastes are different. But for me, it just did not have the same vibe. If that makes any sense

    1. De gustibus non est disputandum


      I like the fact that the white boy - spastically flailing as he does - leaves it all on the stage. He has energy.

  2. The burden of the desert of the sea.
    As whirlwinds come from the south,
    it cometh from the desert
    from a terrible land.

    A grievous vision is told me:
    he that is unfaithful dealeth unfaithfully:
    and he that is a spoiler, spoileth.
    Go up, O Elam,
    besiege, O Mede:
    I have made all the mourning
    thereof to cease.

    Therefore are my loins filled with pain,
    anguish hath taken hold of me,
    as the anguish of a woman in labour:
    I fell down at the hearing of it,
    I was troubled at the seeing of it.

    My heart failed,
    darkness amazed me:
    Babylon my beloved
    is become a wonder to me.

    Prepare the table,
    behold in the watchtower
    them that eat and drink:
    arise, ye princes,
    take up the shield.

    For thus hath the Lord said to me:
    Go, and set a watchman:
    and whatsoever he shall see,
    let him tell,

    And he saw a chariot
    with two horsemen,
    a rider upon an ass,
    and a rider upon a camel:
    and he beheld them diligently
    with much heed.

    And a lion cried out:
    I am upon the watchtower of the LORD,
    standing continually by day:
    and I am upon my ward,
    standing whole nights.

    Behold this man cometh,
    the rider upon the chariot
    with two horsemen,
    and he answered, and said:
    Babylon is fallen, she is fallen,
    and all the graven gods thereof
    are broken unto the ground.

    O my thrashing
    and the children of my door,
    that which I have heard
    of the Lord of hosts,
    the God of Israel,
    I have declared unto you.

    The burden of Duma
    calleth to me out of Seir:
    Watchman, what of the night?
    Watchman, what of the night?

    The watchman said:
    The morning cometh,
    and also the night:
    if you seek, seek:
    return, come (to me).

    The burden in Arabia.
    In the forest at evening
    you shall sleep,
    in the paths of Dedanim.

    Meeting the thirsty
    bring him water,
    you that inhabit the land
    of the south,
    meet with bread
    him that fleeth.

    For they are fled
    from before the swords,
    from the sword
    which hung over them,
    from the bent bow,
    from the face
    of a grievous battle.

    For thus saith the Lord to me:
    Within a year,
    according to the years of a hireling,
    all the glory of Kedar
    shall be taken away.
    And the residue
    of the number of strong archers
    of the children of Kedar
    shall be diminished:
    for the Lord the God of Israel
    hath spoken it.

    The burden of the valley of vision.
    What aileth thee also,
    that thou too art wholly
    gone up to the housetops?

    Full of clamour,
    a populous city,
    a joyous city:
    thy slain are not
    slain by the sword,
    nor dead in battle.

    All the princes
    are fled together,
    and are bound hard:
    all that were found,
    are bound together,
    they are fled far off.

    Therefore have I said:
    Depart from me,
    I will weep bitterly:
    labour not to comfort me,
    for the devastation
    of the daughter of my people.

    For it is a day of slaughter
    and of treading down,
    and of weeping
    to the Lord
    the God of hosts
    in the valley of vision,
    searching the wall,
    and magnificent
    upon the mountain.

    And Elam took the quiver,
    the chariot of the horseman,
    and the shield was
    taken down from the wall.

    And thy choice valleys
    shall be full of chariots,
    and the horseman
    shall place themselves in the gate.

    And the covering of Juda
    shall be discovered,
    and thou shalt see in that day
    the armory of the house of the forest.

    And you shall see the breaches
    of the city of David,
    that they are many:
    and you have gathered together
    the waters of the lower pool,

    And have numbered
    the houses of Jerusalem,
    and broken down houses
    to fortify the wall.

    And you made a ditch
    between the two walls
    for the water of the old pool:
    and you have not looked
    up to the maker thereof,
    nor regarded him
    even at a distance,
    that wrought it long ago.

    And the Lord, the God of hosts,
    in that day shall call to weeping,
    and to mourning,
    to baldness,
    and to girding with sackcloth:

    And behold
    joy and gladness,
    killing calves,
    and slaying rams,
    eating flesh,
    and drinking wine:
    Let us eat and drink;
    for to morrow
    we shall die.



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