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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Labels - Tools of Division

The folks at The Economist and their intellectual brethren are the only ones who call us 'Redoubters'.  We tend to use the word 'neighbors'.

The piece is balanced, as such pieces go.  They didn't reach for the sensationalist air horns too much - except for (comma) Rawles.  Every time I read one of these pieces I am reminded just how prudent my media policy has been over the years.  Say no to media requests as a policy - write your own.  Make exceptions rarely.  I've had well over 1,000 media requests.  I've done 1 TV (Beck), 1 print (I liked the writer) and one with a pair of European professors writing a book.    

No geographic area is perfect, obviously.  We have our share of filthy Marxists who try to impose their will on the region.  They are more successful in some cities/towns than others. But I can attest to the fact that there is a significantly higher population of Liberty-respecting Americans per capita here in North Idaho than I have ever encountered elsewhere.  

The article specifically mentions the area north of our AO - from Coeur d'Alene northward. Patriots up there are very active.

Here's the piece.

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