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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Pig Farmers

“I’m not a great optimist about the western civilization.” - PJB, here.

When I was young a common pejorative when discussing Communist Russia (USSR) was 'Pig Farmer'.  As the story goes the average Communist, represented by the Russian Pig Farmer, had the following outlook on the world:  Pig Farmer Alexei owned 2 pigs.  Pig Farmer Vlad owned 3 pigs.  So, Pig Farmer Alexei called the KGB and demanded that they come and kill one of Pig Farmer Vlad's pigs, thus restoring equality to his world.

When Pat Buchanan comments about his pessimism for Western Civilization, it is because ideological Pig Farmers are no longer simply mental midgets found behind the Iron Curtain. The Pig Farmer ideology has infected America to Her core.  The rationale of the Pig Farmer - I will make myself better by taking from my neighbor - is so entrenched and commonplace in the masses of American citizens, it goes unidentified by most.

98% of Americans working for the Federal Government are Pig Farmers, doing unconstitutional work.  An overwhelming percentage of state & local government employees, politicians and bureaucrats are Pig Farmers who accept taxpayer money as compensation for imposing and enforcing unconstitutional and immoral laws, regulations and codes upon their neighbors.  

Almost every single politician and bureaucrat in America is a Pig Farmer - either sharing the ideology or slopping the Pigs.

Every single American who accepts .Gov 'benefits' - but for wounded .mil vets and those who have accepted less than they ever 'contributed' to the system - is a Pig Farmer.  There are no genuine Patriots on welfare.  There are no genuine Patriots accepting medical entitlements - simply another form of welfare - from Medicare, Medicaid of Social Security 'Disability'.  These are parasites on the productive elements of American society, and nothing more. 

If you believe that Marxists, those who mean to be Masters, Liberals, RINOs, Pig Farmers and their allies pose a direct and existential threat to you and your family, then you simply must conclude:  that any and every man and woman who votes for such politicians, every business and political organization that supports and facilitates such politicians and bureaucrats, every single person working in those organizations, and every person who remains employed in extra-constitutional .Gov positions - from the head of the agency to the private sector employees who work in the cafeterias for those agencies - and every single person and family that benefits from the redistribution of wealth imposed by .Gov is a direct and existential threat to you and your family.

If, in the face of the awareness that those people pose existential threats to you and your family and you choose to do nothing, you willingly and willfully become part of the evil that oppresses Liberty.

These are the problems.

Here is the solution: Use the word 'No'.  Earnestly deploy the words 'Fuck You' in the face of Pig Farmer attempts to force you to remain on bended knee.  Get back on your feet - for you are, right now, on bended knee and tolerating their violences against you and your family.  Back up your words as existentially as they mean to perpetually impose their will upon you.  Surrender your attachment to the comforts and security that you have traded for the false 'freedom' and 'liberty' you lie to yourself that you possess - for that Liberty and freedom is an illusion.  It is extinct.  It is a sickening joke.

The phrase 'Liberty or Death' once meant something profound, because it was spoken by men who meant it to be more than a slogan on a tee shirt or bumper sticker.  It was a rally cry put upon the air by armed men who meant to kill or die before bending knee.

Embrace the premise that it is morally justifiable - indeed, it is a moral obligation - to extirpate any and every man and woman who would dare impose their will upon you in unnatural, unconstitutional and immoral manners.  Get off your knee and back on your feet and live in the freedom and Liberty gifted to Humanity by our Founders and the original III Percent Patriots.

The Liberty and freedom provided by our Founders and the original III Percent Patriots who went forth and extirpated the King's Men has been stolen.  Our birthright has been taken by those who mean to be Masters.  They use force and threats of force to keep you on your knee.

Stand the fuck up on your feet, Patriots.  Be the Americans our Founders envisioned.

There is no other place on planet Earth where the ideals set forth by our Founders can exist.  

There is no other People or Culture on the entire planet who will embrace, permit or even tolerate the existence of the state of Rightful Liberty as articulated by Thomas Jefferson.

Your neighbors will not allow you to live in a state of freedom at Liberty.  They have told you 'No!'.  You may rail and wail all you wish, but the fact remains - you have complied with the demands of the Pig Farmers and you have surrendered your freedom and Liberty.

Your choices are simple: Remain upon bended knee and live as they demand you live, or get back on your feet and start living as a freeman.

I know not what you may choose, but I will have Liberty or Death.

Our Founding generation made one fundamental mistake: They failed to force every Loyalist from our continent.

There is no place for even one single Pig Farmer in America.  

Extirpate them all.

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  1. Pig Farmers come in an astonishing variety of shapes and colors. But they ALL have certain things in common.

    Here are a few simple facts that you can use to identify Pig Farmers for yourself, and also point them out to your family and friends for what they are:

    • All “IDENTITY GROUPS” are evil in their very essence and nature, because their fundamental purpose is to deny the very humanity of all individuals outside the 'Group Identity' – this remains the same whether you are talking about “racists” or “homophobes” or “islamophobes”; it encompasses also, those which focus on projecting “identity” outside their group, such as “labor” vs. “capitalists”; “socialists” versus “free-marketeers”, “parliamentarians” versus “anarchists” and so forth

    • Those who believe themselves to be less competent will ALWAYS despise competition

    • Those who live based upon any form of idealism, as opposed to reality, will always hate those of us who do well in the real world, because our simple success bear witness against their "ideals"

    • Those who make any claim of inequality based upon their jealousy towards others are fundamentally irrational and cannot be reasoned or negotiated with. Period

    • Those who love to steal, will always be able to create excuses to "justify" their thefts – its not just what they do, it's who they are

    • Those who want to steal from you, to force you into a state of “equality” with them, will not hate you any less when you have as little as they do – they will in fact hate you more, because then you will have nothing left for them to steal

    And last, but certainly not least -

    Those who will steal from you today, will murder you tomorrow, to take what they want from you



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