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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Liberty: The Mission of the III Percent Patriots

Death Smiles At Us All...

III Percent Patriots Smile Back...


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  1. 200 three-man teams is all it would take to bring the bullshit to an end. Promptly.

    1. A logistics guy who has a decent network of people around the AO, willing to support such operations in various small, non-combat roles

    2. A driver who can run it hard, fast, and tight

    3. A rifleman who can consistently make payday happen at 300 to 600 yards

    And a list of deserving boys and girls in each AO - high profile media faces should top said list; followed by the mayors and governors who are in control of the commie shitholes and sanctuary cities (and don't forget their aparachiks). C-level exec's and board-members of the "Too Big To Fail" globalist corporations can have their turn, too. And don't forget the inteligentsia and their campuses of communist indoctrination - they certainly need to be opened up as hunting preserves.

    The only coordination needed between teams is the selection of Day-Zero. Otherwise, each team runs its own operations, and is solely accountable for the quality and quantity of its own work.

    None of this is rocket science. It's simply a matter of determination and follow-through.

    With each team taking just one shot per day, the entire leftist paradigm in the US could be derailed in less than two weeks.

    200 teams. Just 10 shots each = 2000 high-visibility VETOs against the statist tyranny.

    The logistics of such a proposition are insurmountable for the establishment. They would be as overwhelmed by such a "Tet offensive" as they were in the aftermath of Katrina. The veil would be ripped away, and their inability to protect even themselves would be obvious, even to children in elementary school.

    Look at the Dorner incident - One man turned the entire LA metro on its head for nearly a week. Now imagine 200 such scenarios, all running in parallel...

    Its way past due that the emperor get some new clothes...


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