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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Prepare to be assimilated...

Google built an app to help de-radicalize Mo's Morons.

Now, according to one of the designers, 'Radical Right-Wing Extremists' in America will be targeted.

When you decide to strike your match, make certain you have deployed sufficient volumes of accelerant...

Here's the link.


  1. Target. Hmmm, an interesting and functional word. Kinda' like extirpate.
    Miss Violet

  2. Anyone who can't see that this is the tip of an iceberg with monstrous consequences for the future of *all* human rights, has their head in shoved in a freshly dug hole...

    Neither Orwell, nor Huxley, nor Bradbury, nor any of the other distopian fiction masters of the pre-internet age saw beyond the horizon of the internet-as-a-ubiquitous-service.

    Not even the most recognized "hard SciFi" authors - Asimov, Clark, Heinlein, or Bradbury near fully anticipated the impact of the ubiquitous combination of internet + Cellular communications.

    The very best glimpses of the future came from the fringe of the Pre-Net Sci-Fantasy culture, A.K.A. Cyber-Punk, and even there the veil was only partially drawn, with the likes of Gibson's"Burning Chrome" and "Neuromancer", and Orson Scott Card's "Ender's Game" series, particularly the series namesake, and the much later and far more chilling "Children of the Mind".

    Mix in a bit of light-hearted although still rather noir "Snow Crash" by Stevenson - particularly for his sense of socio-political disintegration and the rise of globalized corporate fascism, and the madness of the "raft of biomass" - which represent the uninitiated masses of users of 'services' such as facebook, and add a dash of "Johny Mnemonic" (also by Card) to understand the ultimate manipulative value of data on individuals and the groups with which they associate.

    Taken together, these present a fragmented though clear and profound statement that the headlong rushing growth of the digital world *is* the death of the autonomous individual man.

    ...comprehend this singular though complex fact, and you have a good idea of the evil which this way comes.

  3. Axiomatically - "That which is distributed digitally, can be controlled most easily; and that which can be made exclusively digital, can be controlled utterly."

    Their purpose is to create a "new society" by reprogramming people. They know that the youngest minds are the most amenable to such "reprogramming" - and thus they target young people through multi-player video games and other web-spaces where only the young congregate, thereby concealing from the older generations (that would be us) the influences which they exercise there.
    They are programming our children to ignore and deny the dignity of the human person through early and gratuitous exposure to violence and pornography; they are programming our children to ignore and deny the values and traditions of our society by focusing their attention and interest exclusively on the new and novel; they are programming our children to deny the existence of all absolutes, even those of gender and physical condition with a most pernicious and ubiquitous application of propaganda against all normative states of life - gender, sexual orientation, the state of marriage, the state of parenthood; the very concepts of responsibility and accountability to one's state in life, and the obligations of the individual which come with existing in those normative states of existence.

    These Truths are under continual attack in the minds of our young people - this war is not a "cold war" at all - it's just that the destruction is concealed from us in a dimension with which most adults are not in the least bit familiar.

    There is even a derogatory name for those young people who still adhere to the normative model and who believe that the natural states of existence are Right - such young people are now derided by the digital manipulators, and their peers as "normies" - and that tag is used in these web-spaces, with a viciousness which you cannot imagine.

    Our young are the targets in a clandestine war to destroy every human institution with which we can protect our state as individuals, and express our rights as individuals. This is an all-out war, going on right now, and in this war there shall be no quarter - they intend to eliminate even the memory of everything which we find to be Natural and True.



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