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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Trump is Winning because he listened to PJB

Why is Trump appealing to many of us?  Because many of us have met and followed Pat Buchanan for decades.  We've heard and embraced many of the policy positions stated by The Donald for decades before Donald Trump came on the scene.  Donald Trump is the voice, but the words fall upon the ears as PJB gospel.

Make no mistake: Donald Trump is no Pat Buchanan.  I do not believe Trump embraces all of the policies and positions with the depth of conviction PJB does - indeed, many of his positions are held for purely political advantage.  

But when Trump hits the right melody, it sounds like this"Not one single idea she's got will create one net American job or create one new dollar of American wealth for our workers," Trump said of Hillary Clinton. "The only thing she can offer is a welfare check. That's about it."

Sadly, welfare checks are exactly what most Americans want, even many 'Patriots'.  And do not forget HRC means to drastically grow the Bureaucratic State & Police State - providing more welfare under the guise of 'jobs' to people who could never feed themselves in the free market.

Our world *is* over-populated - the maggots and other parasites have been allowed to grow too numerous and their 'feed from the host' ideals and moral standards have been allowed to take root in our culture.  Today, even the host believes the parasites have a right to feed upon them...


  1. For even when we were with you, we commanded you thus, that if anyone is not willing to work, neither let him eat. --2 Thessalonians 3:10

    He who rises up in a spirit of disobedience, shall be cut down with the Sword of Justice, from which no man is able to flee. And as it is good for men to be so commanded, thus also do We command the nations. And where the leader of a nation shall stumble in this regard, so shall all the families of that nation do pennance upon this point (of doctrine); for the leader of the nation stands at the head of the people, and what he does is done in plain sight, that all the people of the nation are bound by their leaders judgement, be it unto goodness or unto evil. And if the leader does evil in the sight of his people, and the people reprove him not, then the evil of the head is the evil of the entire body of the nation, and so shall Judgement be made against them, for the sins of the leader are the sins of the nation.


  2. Now, when Ben Hadad, king of Aram, mustered his entire army... Accompanied by thirty-two kings with their horses and chariots, he went up and besieged Samaria and attacked it. 2 He sent messengers into the city to Ahab king of Israel, saying, “This is what Ben-Hadad says: 3 ‘Your silver and gold are mine, and the best of your wives and children are mine.’”

    4 The king of Israel answered, “Just as you say, my lord the king. I and all I have are yours.”

    5 The messengers came again and said, “This is what Ben-Hadad says: ‘I sent to demand your silver and gold, your wives and your children. 6 But about this time tomorrow I am going to send my officials to search your palace and the houses of your officials. They will seize everything you value and carry it away.’”

    7 The king of Israel summoned all the elders of the land and said to them, “See how this man is looking for trouble! When he sent for my wives and my children, my silver and my gold, I did not refuse him.”

    8 The elders and the people all answered, “Don’t listen to him or agree to his demands.”

    9 So he replied to Ben-Hadad’s messengers, “Tell my lord the king, ‘Your servant will do all you demanded the first time, but this demand I cannot meet.’” They left and took the answer back to Ben-Hadad.

    10 Then Ben-Hadad sent another message to Ahab: “May the gods deal with me, be it ever so severely, if enough dust remains in Samaria to give each of my men a handful.”

    11 The king of Israel answered, “Tell him: ‘One who puts on his armor should not boast like one who takes it off.’”

  3. Yet nowhere in any of Trump's speeches do we hear anything about 'Federal Over-reach', nor any intention of Trump towards 'Reducing' or 'Reigning In' the bureaucratic oligarchy which Fed.Gov has been for the last century.

    Make no mistake, Trump aims to enjoy and exercise the position of the Strong Executive in the very same way which the last five administrations have done... and each of these administrations has made the 'Strong Executive' powers broader, and driven them deeper into the everyday lives of the American populace - to expect anything less than this from Trump would be utter foolishness.

    Slow Poison is still poison, and our society has already ingested a fatal quantity of the poison known as Marxism... to try and "treat" this case of poisoning with yet another poison (Fascism) is plain madness. And yet, as our forefathers observed, "Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed."

    Alas, we have long since passed the point of our tolerance for suffering the Federal Over-reach and Bureaucratic meddling into our daily lives, and yet still we [as a nation] still choose to suffer under a bloated and destructive system whose plain purpose is, and has been for at least the last 40 years, to reduce us to the condition of chattel slavery under an absolute tyranny.

    What, then, shall it require before the true citizens of the Republic rise up and reaffirm that the ground under their feet is the land of Free Men? This question is *not* rhetorical - it is quite literal, and demands to be answered in the minds of all those of moral competence in this day.

    And yet - even in the singularity of such an event, precipitating the forceful deposition of the Federal Tyranny under the most blatant and Just of circumstances - how many will face their fate prostrate, toes-first, clawing the ground, wailing and clamoring against the Just Conflict which now comes?

    Three Percent would be a grand army, indeed. We shall be lucky to raise the arms of even one percent of the populace; whereas the enemy will easily raise between 5 and 8 percent to their evil summons, with nothing more extraordinary than promise of a guaranteed paycheck, and some trivially preferential treatment - chosen slaves set to watch over the rest of the slaves on the greatest, most blatantly evil plantation ever conceived. Marx, Stalin, and Mao would be proud.



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