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Monday, October 10, 2016

As stated below...

It is not a racism problem, it is a Police State problem.


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  1. As I have been saying for years - our police have been transformed into soldiers, and our communities into battlefields.

    In 99.9% of cases, race has NOTHING to do with the outcome. Neither does it matter to these military/police officers whether the person they accost was armed or not, nor whether they have a "criminal record" or not.

    All that matters to the officers is that they conduct themselves within the policy and training of their department - and the policies and training these officers receive are becoming ever more tyrannical.

    And with all the inertia in the countless police departments [as with all the rest of the government bureaucracy] it takes a lot longer to correct problems than to create them, thus the issues of poorly trained police and crooked police (covering for each other, falsifying evidence, lying under oath, &etc.) is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. And all the while, the pressures of tyrannical police and a corrupt 'justice system' will continue to undermine the trust of even the most law-abiding citizens, and destroy the integrity and stability of our communities.

    When cops become a threat to the communities they are supposed to serve; when they become armed gangs whose interest ceases to be "Protecting and serving the public" and instead devolves into "we protect our own"; then they will find that vigilante justice can visit them just as easily as it can visit other gangs such as the 'Bloods', 'Crips', 'Black Gorilla Family','Latin Kings', 'Sureños', 'Mara Salvatrucha', 'Zetas', &etc.

    The problem is paradoxical, in that a fulcrum exists within each department - that when the number of 'Bad Apples' within a particular department reaches a minimum "critical mass", the crooked officers are able to effectively cover for each other, and the honest officers will all either: seek employment with other departments; retire; or end up being run out by the crooked officers, to prevent the honest officers from turning informant against the crooked cops they work with.

    Once a particular police department passes that fulcrum, where the honest and respectable officers begin to leave, the department will very quickly become dominated by the corrupt and violent faction; the damage becomes irreparable; and the severity and frequency of abuse by "the Blue Gang" will skyrocket.

    Once this fulcrum point has been passed, there is effectively no difference between "the Blue Gang" and any of the others I have listed, except that the Blue Gang will have nearly total immunity from prosecution, and therefore will be able to terrorize the community blatantly, and indefinitely, without repercussions...

    Until vigilante justice is turned specifically upon them, and there is a major bloodletting to put "the Blue Gang" on notice that all abuses will be punished on the streets, without hesitation or restraint.

    In many metro areas, we have already seen what are probably first-instances of such vigilante justice against the Blue Gang; and across the country there are many, many departments whose collective misconduct regularly invites such retributive action - which could begin at any time.

    I expect that the coming months will witness an exponential surge in the number of officers shot while on duty, as a result of this festering problem of ubiquitous corruption, abuse, and cover-ups.
    When it comes, it will be well-deserved.


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