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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Election 2016: Reality TV at its Apex

The only place for reality tv to go after this election will be gladiatorial games in the arena.

I am enjoying the show.  I am enjoying this show while continuing to work diligently for the day I know is imminent in my lifetime - when I will be forced to defend my life against men who mean to be Masters.

Three phrases recur for me nearly every day as I watch the freak show that is the 2016 election cycle: Trust, but verify.  Two wings of the same bird of prey.  Pray to God and pass the ammo.

HRC is the next Human Being who will be responsible for genocide against her own country if she is elected.  She will also run us full-speed into World War III that will result in nuclear detonations.  She will have Bill back in the White House and they will play host to a bacchanal of biblical proportions that will include each of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Trump?  I sincerely believe he will try to do what he is promising right now.  I also believe many of us will think his methods are wrong and his goals do not reach far enough on most issues.  After all, while he is no McCain or Romney, he is still a feather on the same wing those wretched politicians inhabit.  Nor will he be able to stop WWIII - too many entrenched powers across America and around the globe have far too much to lose if WWIII doesn't hide their crimes against humanity. He will not be able to stop the economic implosion headed our way.  

Trump will do many things with which I can agree.  HRC will do absolutely nothing with which I agree.  My lifespan will 'probably' be a bit longer under Trump - but that is simply optimism untethered to any evidence.  When Trump takes office the bureaucracy will still be there, doing what they do.  While HRC will use that machine to actively hunt people like me, Trump will not destroy that machine.

Either way, let the games begin!  


  1. The only place for reality tv to go after this election will be gladiatorial games in the arena.
    "The Running Man" by Stephen King (A.K.A. Richard Bachman) made real...

  2. I'm waiting for Trump to break a chair over HRC's head at the next debate.
    Now that would be something worth watching.

    1. Put a noose on both ends of a rope, and one about each of their necks, with the middle slung over a nice high tree branch.

      That way, they can kick each other even as they're both dying...

      A fitting end for each of them, wouldnt you say?

  3. The games began a long time ago - According to new WikiLeaks emails, three days before Justice Scalia died this email was sent, using the term "wetworks" - exclusively used in Military meaning "assassination".


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